May 11, 2008

CSX Deal Falls Through in Florida

From the Tamba Bay Business Journal:

CSX Corp.'s deal with the state to sell 61 miles of track in Central Florida for a commuter rail system is off after the Florida Legislature did not approve a bill with provisions that the proposed sale hinged on. It appears that the action won't affect the terminal being built in Winter Haven, said Gary Sease, CSX spokesman.

The deal CSX negotiated with the state runs until June 2009. That means that it still can be implemented with legislative approval. Lawmakers in the Orlando area are trying to forge a compromise that could win approval of both houses at a later date.

The commuter rail deal had faced opposition from officials and civic leaders in Lakeland and other communities that would have seen freight train traffic increase as CSX would have rerouted trains through the area to a proposed intermodal rail yard in Winter Haven. In the end, it also faced opposition from people wary of the legislation's provisions to shield CSX from liability in accidents involving passengers. CSX wanted the state to cover liability for the commuter rail operation and the equipment involved in that, while the railroad would continue to shoulder liability for all freight operations, Sease said.

In a statement to the press, CSX said it's disappointed that the Legislature "failed to endorse this important investment in Florida's future." While commuter rail in Central Florida will not happen, CSX also said it's "reviewing its timeline for rail infrastructure modifications in Florida and studying other implications" of the Legislature's action.


Anonymous said...

CSX got a mention in teh Herald thsi morning in an editorial on Asbestos..............and basically what a fraud many of the asbestos injury claims are..............from todays Boston herald:

"The railroad CSX Corp. is a rare defendant who fought back. It is pursuing a civil action under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and other laws in West Virginia charging fraud and conspiracy against a Pittsburgh law firm after discovering, among other things, invented people, dead people and impostors among the plaintiffs."

and what you have to esp. like is that:

a. the state doesnt really have to money to buy CSX's right via eminent domain

b. the commuter line to South Caost area is prob more of a priority.

c. If the the state did buy the rights, CSX would have build a new intermodal terminal to the west........which might even mean teh Worc area?

If Tim & Deval are one & done....then our chances are even slimmer....assuming that Murray does have some juice to get teh add'l service

Anonymous said...

When we cant even get a liqour license in up at Green Hill just goes to show how weak the political will is in Worc..........when even just a small handfull of people oppsose something.

Just do it for Gods sake !!!!! Dammit we build Doherty High on Parkland on the west side nonetheless.........we built Wawecus Rd school on Park land after the 290 truncated the park and took Adams Sq school ....we cant just put in a license at greenhill....................park deed restrictions expire after 50years anyway.........right??

Christ ya might think there were stray shopping carts up there........or that someone wanted to install yelloow boxes for used needle drop off.......or that the kids, golfers, and hobos havent been drinking in Greenhill since Paulie, Bill, & Harry walked out of the Greenhill pond on all 4's and stood upright....!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I still live near Green Hill, hence the backhair problem...

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA