May 28, 2008

Crompton & Knowles Building

Just remembered that will also be another low income project by Main South CDC .

  1. Burwick Building
  2. Aurora
  3. Odd Fellows
  4. Benefit (1st building on left from Main)
  5. Standish
  6. Piedmont Street lot
  7. May Street project
  8. Cambridge/Hacker Street
  9. Crompton & Knowles on Grand Street
  10. City Builders site on Armory Street

The RKG study said that we needed to stop putting such an emphasis on low-income housing. IMG even told us to downgrade the airport, if no commercial carriers came. Makes you wonder why we pay consultants to producce reports that we did not listen to.


Anonymous said...

What about Mason St....we are including Worc Common Ground projects as well...... right??

Did Main South win the bid with the city for the old factory building (Crompton?).........or is this bid still an attempt to obscure the fact that Main South CDC has already been in bed with the city for this about Main South prostitution

Anyone who is oopposed to this low income housing orgy now going on in Worc......s/b commited for 30days observation if they are pulling a deomcratic ballot (unless they are also a gov't employee)

Bill Randell said...


I was just focusing on what is technically considered Main South, but you are right.