May 04, 2008

Worester Airport Status

  • Master Plan?
  • G-13?
  • 300,000 left in DOT monies need to be spent by September?
  • IMG has been paid 100,000 --what are they doing?
  • Bidder for the one parcel of land?
  • Contract negotiations with MassPort?
  • Does the city still charge their own fuel tax?
  • Continue to lose millions each year

The situation is not getting better. Downgrade to General Aviation and get out of the airport business yesterday. The whole situation is simply ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Is there even going to be any general aviation left?

Bill Randell said...

Good question???

We can get the typical response that there are 60,000 landing per year at ORH, but how many are from the flight school exactly??

Anonymous said...

It's called a G-3 Gulfstream....not G-13

No, but Swissport has a Challenger jet....which they clipped the wing during towing a few years back. Planes are expensive to fix