May 21, 2008


A few months back I put a post about regarding a company called Avports and the privatization of Coleman Airport in Detroit. Click here for story. Since that time I have been able to talk to Avports a couple time about ORH. Here is an e-mail that I received today from their Airports and Business Development VP John Harden:

Sorry I have not been more attentive. We have rebid two or our contracts. We won the rebid for ACY (Authority voted unanimously in our favor) and we are submitting tomorrow on a longer term contract at SWF. Been busy.

Had promised you a list of things we typically look for when considering an opportunity. Hopefully this will provide us with a baseline understanding of the airport, its strengths and its challenges.

· Financial Statements for the last 5 calendar years
· Airport Master Plan Update
· Airport Layout Plan
· Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP)
· Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants received over the last 5-years
· Business Plan for the airport
· Current airport staffing plan
· Tenant Roll
· Asset listing
· Current Schedule of published rates and charges
· Debt Service schedule
· Environmental impact statements, concerns or
· Rule and Regulations
· Minimum Standards

I have forwarded this e-mail to our airport liaison, Phil Niddrie.


Anonymous said...

BIll, I couldnt agree with more with you on this, but i think you' re beating a dead horse. I do applaud your efforts as a private citizen in this matter, but the pols are never going to let a private comapny lease that place or buy it. First thing they'll do is can all the city employees up there.

BTW, forwarding it to Mr Niddrie means it will be going to our soon to be 1/2 time airport liason.....reduced from fulltime in prior years to 1/2 time for fiscal year 2009

Re prior post about airport deficit.........i think what you s/b saying is that there is NO MENTION of Worc airport in the list of deficit ridden city enterprises/departments and one has to wonder if this blatant omission has been done deflect attention away form this money pit. I have a hard time seeing this as an inadvertent omission.

Obfuscation & confusion seems to be the order of the day.

I have also been wondering lately ............what has become of Charley Farley ? I would think he would be showing here at budget time and supporting my position of closing the airport.

BTW, why are we wasting our time and money on a nationwide search (allegedly) for a new school superintendent??

Possibly next up on the list of the recently departed.........Boston Gun Range and I dont think you added the 4 businesses that got railroaded out of town next to the Hanover either?

Dave from Worcester said...

I know this is off-topic, but earlier I heard a pretty big jet take off, and then just now another one landed. Nothing is showing up on flightaware, though. Anybody have any idea what it is?