May 08, 2008

Worc Regional Research Bureau

Once again they have pretty much nailed it in their latest report. The question is will any of the recommendations be implemented. Too long to list here. Readers of this blog I highly recommend it to be read. Quick easy read.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any comments re what WMRB said re Massport & the airport...........that the hang up in the negotiations seems to access and or an access road????

So we never build the access road and it translates into a 1.5M to 2.0M cost to the taxpaers every year??

I have often wondered as i said here before..........that i think Massport has eminent domain part of their enabling legislation...........but could they use them if they are only a lessee as opposed to an owner at Worc Airport and can they use them to build an access road............or only, for example, to extend runways or airport operations?

Also in the article it mentioned Worc '09 budget will realize money ($2M??) from the new telecom tax..............has that proppsed legisllation been voted into law???? ............I must have missed it if it did????

Anonymous said...

this city has no willpower for pain...that access road will never be built!!

We need Kevin White in Worcester..he would drive the bulldozer himself from Rt. 290 to the airport

*for those who never get out of the city..KW was Mayor of Boston and longest serving one..he drove the car as Boston went from a blue collar city of neighborhoods into a white collar city of neighborhoods..

Bill Randell said...


MassPort has always wanted better access for ORH so I am not surprised that this is a stumbling block in the current negotiations.

Instead of waiting on MassPort FIND ANOTHER BUYER!!!!!!!!! You can call AvPorts, National Express, other airport authorities, etc....

But just to sit here and blow $1,500,000 makes no sense. We need to downgrade to GA tomorrow and open up the net of potential people to either buy or long-term lease ORH.


Anonymous said...

I agree Bill..............but it will never happen b/c the city council wants to still be able to maintain political control over the airport....which they will be unable to do if a private buyer or lessee is sought.......suppose a private lessee ends up at ORH and they trun it into a success...............i.e. lots of huge planes landing daily...........then the neighborhood complaints will start from those who CHOOSE to live in teh airport environs.......then the city council will get on the lessee's's never Paulie one down there will make a hard decision thats going to help the city in the long run..............but cost them votes in the short run........

Paulie, did you have your pow wow last night at the Hotel Vernon with Obriens top lieutenants...........what went down...........will they agree to cut the police details (legalized extortion) should have got WMRB down there too

Anonymous said...

"Paulie, did you have your pow wow last night at the Hotel Vernon with Obriens top lieutenants...........what went down...........will they agree to cut the police details (legalized extortion) should have got WMRB down there too"

>>went real well-many event directors..lots of common seem to know a big chunk of the issue matey..

the issue is not of eliminating the police is about

1. kindler gentler business relationship with them-a few spoke fairly bluntly about the relationship and it is not good..this "it is all about safety" is a load of hoss manure..this is business and we should all be treating each other in a professional manner...if it aint a win-win for all it aint nuttin but a lopsided one...the way I was dealt with was makes you wonder how many event directors have walked away saying "no way jose" to this city

2. allowance of flagmen and auxiliary police in some instances..ex: 2 paid details and 2 auxiliary police could have handled Kelley Square for my event and this would have been a savings of $350+..just in "one" intersection

I generally have a great relationship with the police over is work for them..I work with Barnstable, Orleans,Somerville,Cambridge,State Police & DCR Rangers all the time and for almost 20 years...they understand that there has to be some balance..or else there will be no work for anyone..and the cities lose on valuable sports, cultural happenings..I can't do my events without proper police details..but when it cost me $2,800 in Somerville for a 3000+ runner 5Km (3.1 miles) event..a city that is one of the most dense and dynamic in the state right now..and for the same distance as I did in Worcester which cost me $6700 and only 600 runners then there is something wrong marathon which is 26.2 miles in Hyannis cost me $7200....and I had 3500+ runners there..a city this size should be having events weekly..and we aren't right now..the demographics of the city are part of the problem but not the entire problme..I have spoken to a number of event directors who have told me that it is an easier process elsewhere and more lucrative..the cost of business in this city is to high and no one is guaranteed to succeed cause of the demographics..folks are not flying into this city to do stuff like they are elsewhere..we need to chan ge this

Anonymous said...

Pualie, I too have had to hire police details for constr work.....and I noticed the same attitude.........absolute arrogance hidden behind the shield of public re correct .....absolute the 4 hr's their way or the highway ........but the out of town subs that I used were more street smart than me and they knew how to get around the police detail BS.....esp when they only had to move a piece of equipment onto or off of or accros a city street.........none of this 4 hr minimum BS for them.........or 8 hr minimum once you go beyond 4hrs....

I see Havana Jim Mc Govern is at it agains with his pro business stance .this time he has CSX in his sights............i heard the news this morning and immediatley following the news.....there was CSx P.R. ad on the I said before....has anyone noticed the CSX public relations spots these past few months.............since when does a RR have to do retail advertising aimed at the retail consuming public..................when's the last time any individual here hired the/any RR ???....... outside of a Hampton Beach rainy day game of Monopoly?

Jim's going to fix CSX's +ss.........write more costly legislation to screw over all the RR's.......that will teach em not to mess Big Jim.........Jims got to lose his Napoleonic,anti business approach to this CSX issue..........I got a suspicion that Jim may find out that messing with CSX is a bit different than beating up some small local or regional business men o rbeating up the City with more costly environmental regulations.