May 30, 2008

Jahn Rumor

According to deepthroat, aka Jahn, Consigli Corporation, is looking to buy the Aud and they want Higgins Armory to move there.


Anonymous said...

I always though that Higgins Armory should be downtown visable from 290 and have some resemblence of a castle. I think that would be a nice spot for it. I havent been there in a while, I actually had a membership back in the day.

Worsterite said...

Should have an ancient museum in downtown it would fit. hope we can persuade a few of the corrrupt politicians to fall on their swords.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think that if Higins got the Hanover treatment (millions in giveaways) that they would move to downtown.

If any of you were Higgins, would insist on it, given what the City & state gave to the Hand It Over Theatre.

This is another problem with giveaways such as the Hand It Over Over rec'd i.e. Higgins would now look for similar treatment. If you give your oldest kid a car guess what happens. The other kids in the family expect similar treatment and who can blame them?

I bet that all that Higgins gets is a basically The FDR Museum treatment. Translation: Take a long walk on a short pier

Maybe all the colleges could voluntarily make a Higgins Pilot payment, given that so many of them are into the arts & culture, etc.

Worsterite, are you telling me Worc has corrupt politicians? Please give me some details but omit any names. Thank you.

Bill Randell said...

Hanover Treatment??

I have to say that I do not mind it if we targeted a certain area or certain buildings and offered a waiving or permitting fees and freesing of assessed value to spur investments.

My problem is that it will only be connected individuals or low-income developers that will get the Hanover treatment.