September 30, 2010

Rod Madnick's Answers

    1) Do  you support or oppose the repeal of sales tax on alcoholic beveragesOPPOSE.  I am not opposed to user taxes, where a person can make a decision to use or not use.

    2)  Do you support or oppose the cut in the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%?    OPPOSE.  It is too drastic a change.

    3) If the voters approve rolling back the sales tax or the income tax, will you honor the voters wishes?   I have to first do the study I describe below! My interns from Holy Cross, Clark and other colleges will come with me to Boston. We will go over the budget line by line and examine every department to see where we can save money and where we should spend money. Only after that, will I make a decision on taxes. Some taxes are more regressive then others. I favor a reduction in some taxes and an increase in others. This is not a simple issue. This is not an issue you can address with just a yes or a no. I will issue a report on taxes if elected, in May 2011.

     4) Small business is a key part of the economic recovery in Massachusetts, what are your plans to facilitate effective support of small businesses?   This in on my web in detail. Frankly I need to listen to your organization and see what you think should be done.

     5) Grassroot Community Based Organizations (CBO) are an integral part of community development, what will you do to secure funding for local CBO’s and prevent 9C cuts during the budget process?    I am opposed to across the board cuts. Some programs are more important then others, CBO programs are important. I am not opposed to the Governor giving a report in writing.   When it comes to raising additional revenues the Governor is going to have to convince me that it is needed. I am not opposed to using the Common Wealth Stabilization Funds for worthy programs. The only tax that I might consider is a progressive income tax rather then the present flat rate, but again on taxes, I want to wait until the study is done that I have mentioned above

I     I will not make a tax increase pledge. We all remember George Bush Senior’s statement; “read my lips no tax increases.” After he became president he had to increase taxes. I am sure he meant it when he said it. 


Steve Foley said...

I find it disturbing that Mr Madnick will only listen to the voters if his college interns say it's OK.

In a Republican form of government, the government officials are supposed to represent the people.

Bill Randell said...

Agree or disagree with Mr Madnick, I just want to thank him for his answers and straight forwardness.

Nick said...

I think it's good that he's honest about the enormity and complexity of the state budget, admitting that even his perusal alone is not good/quick enough to give a sufficient evaluation.

Jahn said...

Bill, I tend to disagree.

Questions #1 & #2 excellent

Questions 3,4,& 5. Non responsive and/or evasive.

If he was in a court room he'd be locked up for contempt of court for not answering.

Assuming 20 pts for each question, he gets a 40 rating. Thats 20 pts below the highest possible passing grade of 60. Sorry, he doesnt get the job.

Bill, if Brother McSullivan gave you a true/false question or a yes/no question on an exam and nowhere in your answer are the words true, false, yes, or no. Then you get zero credit for that particular question.

The Worc public schools need more teachers who grade like you. I.e. there is no right or wrong answer. It's all about the students self esteem :)

Did Boston Billards get put on the closure list the 1st time they closed? If not, time to add them?

Nicholas, my fine blogger compadre'. The state budget is so enormous and so complex that he's going to use college kids to analyze it? If he's going to use college kids let's at least hope it's not on a monday morning that they do their work. :)

TGIF to all. Stay dry