February 23, 2012

GoLocal Comments!!

Here is the best part of GoLocalWorcester--the comments!!    First off you do not see many, but when you do you actually see a name .  Read Clayton Williamson story about why photo id's to vote is a good idea then you see real live names on the bottom.

You see GoLocalWorcester requires you to log in to make comments!!!  This in completely unlike the Telegram.   This will discourage cyber bullies like the Count from posting comments anonymously then running and hiding..    Cyber bullies must be p---------. 

I was thinking about the Count the other day, wonder if he will ever let the world know who his "friend" was that actually writing the blog (StuckInCow) that he was merely administrating.  


jahn said...

I was thinking the other day about this FF'er Memorial fund and it struck me that the city of Worc (in the general sense) has seen a few decent sized scams over the the last couple decades. But if memory serves me well, this $1.3M?(?) alleged scam comes in first place in tems of money "forfeited"


a. back in the 90's many well heeled Worcesterites were scammed in connection with some charity or non profit, whose name I can not recall. Seems the alleged scammee had a first name consistent w/a city in Texas??

b. Venerini Academy taken to teh cleaners for how much.....a few hundred thousand?

c. Now this alleged memorial "deal" for $1.3M? Seems this one is far and away the topper in terms of dollars?

The scam (a.) above placed as a distant 2nd. Then the nuns showed at a distant 3rd.

My god even the naive nuns coulda seen the FF'ers memorial funding was running outta $$$$. Kinda interesting how it slowly, incrementally ran dry. Y'all know what they say about the best way to broil a frog....right???

I am tellin' ya, I asked about this on here at least 3 times in past couple years.

Jahn said...

Noontime news reports 7 Marines killed in a Calif. training exercise. How about we take the reamining "memorial " Fund and use it to memorialize these 7 Marines by starting a fund for the families of these Marines so at least some good comes of what is left of these monies, if any.

Paulie's Point of View said...

come on Wild Will Randall..let's all call The Count by his real name - Peter Kush:>)

"Former" Woo politico operative and now very low level employee at the Worcester Housing Authority.....this is where four years at the University of Vermont gets you:>)

Bill Randell said...

Sorry Paul, you are correct. I am sure by now the "Count" has created another fake person to hide behind to post his comments....