February 18, 2012

60 Providence Street

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The goal: Gangs have no place in our city.
The reality: They’ve got 60 Providence St., for one.
That three-story building has six apartments, and over the last two years has had 97 visits by police.

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60 Providence Street - This 6 unit limited equity co-op was developed in collaboration with Oak Hill Community Development Corporation, St. Vincent's Hospital, and Preservation Worcester. Rehab and historic preservation work on the three and four bedroom apartments were completed at the end of 1992. In 2007 WCG-CDC sold this property with affordability covenants.

Let me get this right
  • In the early 90's you get all sorts of grant monies to fix a building
  • As soon as they can, bet you 15 years, in 2007 they sell the building for 400K most likely all a gain since the grants do not have to be paid back
  • Let me ask you do you think the neighborhood got a return on this investment?
  • Better yet lets give them another 1,000,000 in grants to buy the property back, fix it and then sell it again in 15 years for a profit


JaHN said...

The second pic looks like Uncle Buck has his '84 Oldsmobile parked 1/2 on the sidewalk? Well at least he appears to be truly poor. Quality of life issues? Plus thats a PIA intersection to negoiate as you come up the hills. Limited sight.

So here is what I lifted from WGCs website:
"the Piedmont and Elm Park areas ..... disinvestment. The neighborhood has suffered from illegal dumping and neglect, as well. The neighborhood also suffers from economic isolation;" ....

So much for illegal dumping & neglect....a la Mason St......I mean come on???....disinvestment???...........$250,000 per apt unit for a WCG rehab??...HUH????

Jahn said...

I just checked out various WGC properties on the city treasurer's website. My curiousity was piqued by the fact that it APPEARS WCG has not had their water bill updated at 9 May St (46 unit recent rehab) since Oct, 2010 and WCG is listed as apparently owing water/sewer amts of $8,000 if my reading of the treasurers data is correct?? Again this is what is it says "sewer/water charges ...through 10/13/10"...$8,340.26.

So I pulled up about 20 WCG properties. Please keep in mind not everything they own is listed in their name so i have no way of knowing if I pulled up all their holdings. E.g., 9 May St is listed as owned by 9 May St LLC and it wouldnt be a great leap to conclude that WGC is a limited partner in this venture. Here is what I found concerning water charges/readings/billings....what ever you want to call them and what appears to be delinquent water/sewer accounts.....again I say this is how it appears, the addresses followed by the last "charge" (billing(?) date are below.

136 Austin June, 2009

6 Florence June, 2010

9 May Octb, 2010

98 Austin Jan. 2011

1 Piedmont Jan. 2011

147 Austin Jan. 2011

Kinda seems to me that they are current on their smaller holdings like 3 deckers but apparently behind on their larger holdings??

Also, interestingly I do not see do not see water liens on these properties nor do I see interest assessed, but possibly only the interest assessed on property tax arrearages is ever shown?

So anyone here going down to City Hall, pitchforks in hand, in March when the new assessments are released? Pichforks at Home Depots in Worcesrer thsi March will be harder to find than roof snow rakes were last wintaaaah.

Again, Thomas and Sean, this is an EZ piece to do and I wouldnt be surprised to see other "players" in Worc's non profit housing industry also in a similar sewer/water "position" ...or do I have to call in the Ninja Turtles who live in the sewer line to investigate this?

Jahn said...

IN keeping with the 60 Providence St demographic, the Worc. Animal Rescue league has 12 dogs up for adoption, 9 pitbulls and 3 non pitbulls. These pitbulls have been occupying their kennel apts. now for about 1.5 years, becuz the shelter has a no kill policy. Meanwhile Worc residents are unable to find an adeqaute inventory of adoptable dogs b/c these pits are squatters at the WARL who will sooon take their free digs by adverse possession.

Got me to thinking, if ya wanna move to Worc and buy a house, what better place to get a good feel for what goes down in the city then to Drive 1/4 mile passed the Bancroft School and check out what kinda dogs have been picked up off the city streets.....over 1.5 years ago.

Bill Randell said...

tenant of mine wantd to adopt a small dog last week

they went to sterling. They were good. Not only did they want a letter from me but tehy called to confirm that I was o'kay with it

Jahn said...

Agreed and from what I have seen of 3 different doggie shelters, they all require some kind of assurance that the dog's owner has a roof over their head and if the adoptor is a tenant, the shleter wants to know that the LL allows pets.

I may take some heat on this one, but contrast the above level of assurance for a dog with that of a new born infant whose only home might be a TEMPORARY motel room provided by Mass. Transitional Assistance...or worse yet....60 Providence St.

Signman said...

So I. Look at one of their properties..right next to my shop on Dewey St..cops there all the time...gun shots recently. A couple in my sign....