February 09, 2012

Go Local Worcester

There is already a GoLocalProvidence and it looks pretty good.    They are starting a GoLocalWorcester version soon.  Check out and sign up for updates

Here is a story about it from NECN and how Natalie Jacobson is helping them out


Jahn said...

More of the same marketing baloney and "sloganeering" that goes back as far as I can recall to at least .. "Worc The Paris of 1980" ...SSDD...and ironically Worc's latest Downtown dev'ment crusade starts out by Snuffing out the Paris (Cinema). BTW, what's going on with that site. It's a cancer on Franklin St.

See my post of a week ago about a sign I saw in Auburn:

Auburn 2011

No Slogans

Just Action

For the SJ boys, please note the 2nd line :)

Bill Randell said...


This is not a slogan but a new newspaper with offices on Main Street. Think they took the old Worc Municicpal Research Bureau.

If they do as good a job as the GoLocal Providence, they could provide some real competition to the Telegram.


Jahn said...

MY apologies, esp to the St Jahns community :)

It looked like another shop worn phrase to attempt to market Worc.

Natalie is into newspaper arena now??? MMMMMMMMMM Ok i guess she is a respected Boston celeb of sorts.

Why dont they hook up with these once a week local newpapers I see like in many sururban communities......just making up examples here like say the Somerville Tab or the Burlington Advocate? Last I knew years ago Fidelity owned or ran some of them?

I always used to like reading their police logs:

Suspicious activity reported on Maple St. Three teens asked to please move along. No report filed.

Grannie Jones's two holsteins are again the middle of Rte 101. Grannie is located at Joe's Bar. Grannie and both cows are taken into protective custody. Report filed.

Truck tires slashed in Piedmontville section of town. Owner is located at local Irish Pub and says he's got the suspects on security camera and all is under control :).

David Z. said...

This is great news (no pun intended) for Worcester! I just signed up and will be visitng often.

Thanks Bill for posting this link.