February 05, 2012

Pats lose

Got to say this loss does not hurt as much as the other loss to the Giants.  The Pats had a great season getting to the Super Bowl and as fans we should enjoy every season we have with Tom/Bill.    That said, I have one rules question.

When the Giants were called with 12 men on the field at the end of the game, the Pats gained five yards but no time was added to the clock?      Why then wouldn't a team ahead at the end of a game put 30, 40 or 50  people on the field, get a 5 yard penalty and allow the clock run down??  Am I missing something....

Seriously I thought the pats would gain the 5 yards and have the time put back on the clock!


Jahn said...

Maybe b/c there aint 50 people on the team :).

All you Pats fan have to remember that 15 years ago ole Kraftie was bangin' his tin cup in Providence and Hartford , looking to move the Pats out of this area and also looking for taxpayers to pony up for a new Pats stadium so that all the taxpayers could subsidize the multi million $$$$$$$$$ salaries of these overpaid professional athletes. Rumor has it he even had a handshake deal in one of these 2 cities, I can't recall which one.

So please get over your love affair with the Pats. They will leave you in NY minute for more money elsewhere. Thanx

And I never understood why so many people dispise and maybe even hate a person who earns a few million a year, who owns a business(es) that might employ 1000's of people, providing year round, decades long wages and other econ. spinoff to a community...................yet there is never any vitriol directed at these spoiled professional athletes making obscene wages for playing game.

Then add in the crony capitalism that exempts major league baseball from the anti trust act.

Anyway I did end up watching about 3/4 of the game only b/c my head has been throbbing and my nose has been acting up since Saturday morning.......translation, i had nothing better to do...like clean the cellar :) ThaT SAID, it had to have been a good game b/c I didnt fall asleep while wathcing it.

But the advertiseemnts........did I miss the point(s) of many of them? Didnt seem like anything special to me at all? Maybe I missed it, but no Bud ads either? Huh???

Anonymous said...

It still hurts ...let's hope the Patriots SuperBowl era, which started with the TUCK rule against the Raiders didn't just end with Brady getting sacked by Justin TUCK ... UGH!!!!

Harry T

Jahn said...

Now I am hearing on the radio that Gisele is B++++ing about Tommy boys teammates.

One caller said she is upset b/c her modeling gigs only tossed off $30M last vs. $50M the year before. Cant be that much money modeling??????? Is she makin' more than her old man?

So if that Hail Mary pass was caught by the Pats in the end zone would that be considered a lucky win? If yes, would the fact that it was knocked down by the Giants also be considered a lucky win?

FWIW, yes Bradys talent did get pass right accurately into the end zone. After that any Hail Mary is all ++++ luck.

If it was caught would we have to rename Flutie Pass out on the Golden Mile to Brady Pass?