February 14, 2012

Market Basket to Diamond Chevrolet

Rumor is heating up again?

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Jahn said...

So the CM is going to target Main South and Vernon/Union Hill areas for "quality of life issues". What exactly does "quality of life issues" mean? The newest euphemism for murders, stabbings, and other assorted types of violence?

Sorry, but it looks to me like the areas being targted are the same as those that have experinced recent incidents of violence?

Evidently the best route to non violent neighborhoods is to target the buildings in these two neighborhoods? Color me confused, but last I knew buidings do not shoot and stab people nor do buildings burn themselves down.

Once again the cure to what ails Worcester contiunes to be preceived as building centric.

Kids aint learnig' nuttin' then build em a new school.

Low income residents too violent then build em low income housing that costs $513,000 per unit.

Kids get in trouble in summertime, build em a new pool/spray park.

When the born again PIP was re-opened 2 months ago the CM was going to plant new trees, install/upgrade lighing, re-paint street lines, etc, etc. Guess that worked out just fine...HUH?

When will this city learn that it is peopels behavior that determines "the quality of life issues" in a neighborhhod and that it has nothing to with spending more money on a 'hood.

So does anyone suppose the city inspectors will Occupy Main & Charlton Sts to ascertain just how over crowded the overnight stays are at the PIP? Now way will that happen. Talk about overlooking the the biggest quality of life issue in Main South.

Meanwhile 1.3 miles to the north at Lincoln Sq we have what the CM calls a quality of life issue called the AUD. Roof leaks, stairs pulling away from building, windows broken, and we even had a dead body in there awhile back that went unnoticed for weeks. Y'all think the city will cite itself? Sorry this aint April 1st, it's Feb 14th