February 17, 2012

Route 20 sewers

If we really want to make sure we get sewer lines run in this area, I have an idea.   Lets have Common Ground build a project and millions will be found to run sewer lines. 


elmparkblogger said...

actually this is major kudos to new mayor Petty

Joe Petty already impressed me yesterday with some work he did on schools. Joe visited his alma mater, heard Street, shortly after the inaugural and has heavily promoted the South High band

Making the Rt 20 expansion happen is very realistic and a smart way of identifying the low hanging fruit that will boost the City economy.

Some good stuff in a very short period of time!

Jahn said...

So here's 2 quickie copy & pastes from Worc Common Grds website where they list all of their rehab projects:

"1992 - 60 Providence Street, 6 units, Details"

"60 Providence Street - This 6 unit limited equity co-op was developed in collaboration with Oak Hill Community Development Corporation, St. Vincent's Hospital, and Preservation Worcester. Rehab and historic preservation work on the three and four bedroom apartments were completed at the end of 1992. In 2007 WCG-CDC sold this property with affordability covenants"

So how are those affordabilty covenants working out for ya at 60 Providence St?

And For you Piedmont carpetbaggers who might not be keeping up with the local Worc news, :) 60 Providence is per the T&G reputed to be a hangout for bad guys.

And speaking of Worc Common Grd and their freebie May St sewer project, courtesy of the taxpayers, the city treasurers webside seems to be showing no water (meter) readings at their 9 May St property since October 2010. Thats 5 q'trly water readingss apparently not done? Is that also 5 q'tly water billings also not Dunne? Am I reading this correctly? How can that be?
46 apts in there and no water billings in almost 1.5 years? Surely I must be missing something? Seems to me last time I looked MLK center had a similar situation where the city treasurers website listed no water billing since the year 2000 (I think it was?)

Where the heck are Sean and Thomas on these apparent Wet Burglars? Seems to me there was a 1990's Christmas time Comedy called Home Alone about 2 bad guys called the Wet Burglars?

Also FWIW the 9 May St apt complex I seem to recall cost about $240,000 per unit to rehab. Would anyone care to guess what each apt is assessed at? Yup...........$37,000.....only in Worc can this kinda low income housing constr. BS go on

FWIW, 9 May St LLC is listed as the owner of this property. Is Worc Common Grds one of the limited partners?

And Will, Jr,, WTH is with this extra word verification? I can never seem to read the 2nd where the leters are all run together. Christ almighty, wth is this, the Registry of Motor Vehicles? Take a numbre' then take a seat (for 51 minutes)

TGIF & Happee Haul Aaaah Day Weakend two yew awl who get Munday off.

Jahn said...

Elm park, I am not sure that a Rte 20 sewer upgrade is necessarily low hangin' fruit.

Our DPW finds it so expensive to construct sewers in Rte(was it $20M) that the idea has been floated that maybe we have a private enterprise constr the line and then the City will lease it back. Not sure about the financial benefit of doing that, but DPW says the private owner could build it w/o prevailing wage constraints.

Interesting that Worc DPW can farm out its re-cyclables pick up, that DPW can propose to look at a privatized municipal sewer line, yet DPW cant farm out the trash pick up?

Now i aint the most politically savvy Jahn to come down the Rte 20 turnpike, but what I see is DPW saying to Fidel McGovern that Worc needs Washington DC to build out sewer line OR ELSE we'll let a private company build it with non prevailing wage labor and Worc will lease it back.

NOw that the cat is outta the bag how much you wanna bet that Deval passes a law that says only prevailing wage labor can work any project on a state highway. Kinda like the state law that says all fulltime Firefighters have to be municipal employees, which of course precludes a privatized fire dept.

Elm park, I am not sure that a Rte 20 sewer upgrade is necessarily low hangin' fruit. Wouldnt The sewer line just be the opening salvo.

To be a succesful business corridor, that road would have to be widen to at least a conventional 4 lane highway and given all the curb cuts already in place, to possibly a 6 lane highway...with one lane for egress to/from the highway and two travel lanes in each direction.

With the larger highway comes the bridge upgrades and interchange upgrades as well. Plus Shrewsbury would probably want a piece of the upgrade action ($$$$) as well and the fact the road really should be upgraded all the way from about Granite st to Rte 9.

So maybe the sewer might tbe low hanging fruit (not so sure myself) but what we would need to follow that sewer line would be a gazzilioon more $$$$$$$$$ worth of work to make Rte 20 a true business corridor.

Good bye strip joints, good by no tell motels, good by C&W clubs, good by freight terminals, good by trailer parks,........hello office parks, hello more industry, hello malls, restaurnats and shopping centers??

I think the only low hangin' fruit Worc is dumb enuff to grab is the free low income housing money and nothing is more expensive than free low income housing.