February 23, 2012

Bull Mansion

Old news, but this was in newspaper the other day.   Sold to new England Dream Center the other day.    Good for NE Dream Ctr , but another loss for the city of Worcester.    Taxes were 25,000 per year


jahn said...

That is such a nice example of old architecture.

PLace is assessed at 672K. Wonder what it sold for?

Now wasnt that where there was a restaurant...Italian rest??...T's?? Maybe 2 differrent rest's were in there at 2 diff times? DCU lent them the money and place only lasted a short time?

Anonymous said...

Sore subject , Jahn ... Bill had a gift certificate to TiNuovo...which he never used... :-(

Harry T

Jahn said...

OMG, two blogger MIA's both show up here on the same day.

Harold, now that u mention it darn, I do re call that. Plus isnt Will possibly looking at taking a Direct Air pre-pay deal on the chin for even more dineros.

I wonder how much of hosing DCU Credit Union took on their "gift certificate" to T's.

File under: Sometimes naming rights have extra, less transparent, add'l costs.