February 04, 2012

Phil Mickelson lawsuit

from Vancouver Sun

Golfer Phil Mickelson has won a lawsuit against a Canadian Internet provider to obtain the identity of a person who posted online comments that he calls "highly defamatory."

A Montreal lawyer for the American athlete said Thursday a Quebec Superior Court judge granted a court order Monday to force Quebec-based provider Videotron to release the identity and co-ordinates of the author of several "vexatious statements" posted on a Yahoo! website.

The "vicious" comments, according to Mickelson's motion, suggested he has an illegitimate child and that his wife has affairs. "The statements have profoundly shocked the plaintiff and constitute deliberate and persistent attacks on his impeccable reputation," the golfer's court documents show.  The individual used the pseudonyms "fogroller" and "longitude" to post comments.
Investigation established the person is a subscriber of Videotron Internet service. Lawyer MarcAndre Coulombe said Videotron has 10 days to provide the full identity of the individual

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Jahn said...

Nemeth & Nick both nailed it today.

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