February 03, 2012

Direct Air Family Ties comment

It is a huge scam. They oversell and so very very few can actually use their vouchers. It is very clever of them. They are impossible to get through to talk to. Their phone lines are always tied up, so you can't ask questions. Probably another part of their plan that is working. I am just mad at myself for not researching and finding this out before investing over $600 in these vouchers - which by the time they tag on the taxes and baggage fees etc.. they really weren't even that great of a price!! How do they keep getting away with this?


Steve Foley said...

Bill wrote "How do they keep getting away with this?".

Look to P.T. Barnum for the answer.

Jahn said...

The solution:

1. Dime up Martha
2. 93a 30 day letter
3. If it was placed on CC put it into contest.
4. Be a PIA to Massport ombudsman.
5. Take the Richard K. approach
6. Call Winterhill kneecap guy.
7. Get a pol to lean on them

Just curious but how long ago did you buy the voucher?

Has anyone heard this consumer awareness type ad running on the radio that the best time (price wise)to buy airline tickets is about 6 weeks before the flight...I think it was 6 weeeks they said???

They ever go belly there will many unsecured creditors holding worthless vouchers.

$5.4M for the Southbridge St strip club property? $48,000 per month nut plus ballon payment Lord how much money does a strip joint toss off? Kinda curious how the city assessor will value that property as of Jan 1, 2013. Must be a hell of alot of platinum buried there?

Anonymous said...

I've used them twice. Both times about 2 years ago. It worked fine for me. I was on hold once for about 30 minutes but not the other times. I flew in September and October, obviously not busy times to fly. I haven't used them recently, but I had no problem back then.

Also, I booked about 6 months in advance