August 31, 2007

Allegiant Air Route Map

I remember, not too long ago, when there was only one destination (Vegas) with only a few cities being serviced. Thier growth fopcusing on secondary airports has been impressive.

Allegiant Route Map

Click on Rockford.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of growth and echoing Bills comments of months ago, I see we're now going to get another new city park on Pleasnat St at Winslow, opposite the elderly high rise. Probably only 1/4 to 1/2 acre...but still another asset to care for into perpetuity..........WHEN WE CANNOT MANITAIN THE EXISTING ASSETS WE OWN............yet Elm Park is only a 5 min walk from this new park.........and even worse, we let our assets run year in and year out deficits..........can anyone say street & sidewalks?????..........then ask how it is we're building more infrastructure to maintain ???

Anonymous said...

How about that big gaping hole on the Air Route Map between Allentown,PA & Bangor, ME , eh?
It looks as though ORH is the geographic halfway point between the two! How Sad.


Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Bill Randell said...


Don't worry when MassPort comes back, I think you will see Allegiant again unless they go to Westover.


Anonymous said...

Won;t happen. Look at ther map. They are out of New England (they wiil be at Bangor briefly) because of the competition. What would Massport offer that they didn;t offer before? Allegiant left for economic reasons that have nothing to do with Worcester. They left Portsmouth and Stewart for the same reasons!!

Bill Randell said...


They left Stewart because JetBlue came in after them... I am also surprised by their move to Bangor, but we will see--they know what they are doing.

They left ORH for economic reasons that had nothing to do with ORH?? That makes no sense. Allegiant has said the reason that they have left other cities is when they have no control over the cost of the fuel. Remember this interview with Mr Gallagher and lets not forget about the City of Worcester tax on fuel sold at the airport??

Comment #1 from Mr Gallagher

That new approach must also apply to fuel services. "Fuel is a pain in the ass," says Gallagher, but it represents 40% of Allegiant's expenses. "So I'm in the fuel business." Airports should not "outsource and forget" fuelling services. "A monopoly fueller is a serious competitive handicap. We literally have a number of cities we won't go into because of this. They are not just making a living off us they are making a killing off us, and we are just not going to do it."

Anonymous said...

As a city taxpayer, I echo Mr Gallaghers comments re: the many monopoly services that the city provides. Ultimately, minicipal monopolies kill off the goose that lays the golden egg, a.k.a. as private enterprise.

Witness St Gobains decision to expand 300 add'l jobs in Northboro, rather than in Worcester. Mr Meville (former Norton Co bigwig??) hit the nail right on the head in his Sunday letter to editor..............he siad that if you think residential taxes are high now wiat until there's littel or no industry left in Worcester. When a city is all residential the school system costs will sink it financially.

BTW, can we close the city budget gap by bringing a private custodail service such as Edu-Clean.......I think Springfield has done this.........would save millions........then we can have an encore presentation of teary eyed school committee officials...when the monoploy based city custodians have to be cut.........but we will have a balanced city budget.