August 08, 2007

June Airport Commission Minutes

Click here. It amazes me that things like Thrifty Car Rental are covered in such detail but negotiations with any potential airlines or on-going negotiations with MassPort are not even mentioned.

Still no word on my latest public records request from Airport Liaison Niddrie.


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Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that the very small business I work for has much more detailed minutes than these. These airport meetings are a joke. When is anything relavent to the future comercial business going to even be mentioned? As a taxpayer in this city, I am overwhelmingly frustated by how the airport is being managed, and how little accountability the commission and the city government have. Sorry I sound bitter.
-Dave (frustated in Worcester)

Bill Randell said...


I just reread them again. We are losing $90,000 per month, will most likely either sell or long-term lease ORH, have a consultant that we have paid over $200,000 to recruit an airline, the Master Plan is still not done and the only discussions that I read are regarding Thrifty Car Rental??

Glad to see that I am not the only one who finds this frustrating.



Anonymous said...

Rally YNG says it has over 1000 votes in three days.

How can we start a grassroots campaign

Anonymous said...

All of which begs the question why even bother trying to appointed to a board of commission unless one wants to read their name in the paper once in a great while and when they pass from this vale of tears it can mentioned in their obit ( and in ORH's obit, too)

we have counciloors who cry over health insurance dollars for city retireees..............yet ORH bleeds 100k monthly.and wenever see or hear about any crockodile tears from any councillors............maybe I missed them though?????

Bill Randell said...

Teary Eyed Jahn:

Wipe away those tears.

At this point, it is quite naive to believe that the commissioners spend their monthly meeting discussing items like Thrifty Car Rental at the monthly board meetings. At the same time, never inquiring to the status of airline/Massport negotiations or how much money is being lost each month??? The important issues are obviously discussed in small groups outside the monthly meeting, skirting the Public Open Meeting Laws, thus avoiding anything being recorded in the monthly minutes.

In the end, that is the real shame of the matter. As we are making a decision as important as either selling or long-term leasing an asset like ORH to MassPort, the commissioner who are representing the tax-payers, the owners of ORH, are failing us. So much for transparency in gov't when dealing with our airport.

Bill Randell