August 17, 2007

ORH Tenants Are they Happy?

Alot of people check out this blog, on average 100 per day. I would like people to put comments about what they have heard from current tenants at ORH regarding their feelings about the airport.




Anonymous said...

I have heard that there are holes throughout the roof of the new terminal. IS this true?

Anonymous said...

What the heck is going on up there ?

Anonymous said...

There must be holes. Everytime I go up there I seen wet floor signs, and areas cordoned off. It's not like they're cleaning up after all those passengers.


Anonymous said...

Let's see:

Amity hates Swissport and management

Radio Shop hates Swissport and management

Euro-American hates management

and pilots...we hate to see what was once a great place to fly.