August 11, 2007

Rockford Gets Two New Allegiant Destinations

Rockford already flies to the three destination cities that Allegiant has:
  1. Vegas
  2. St Petes
  3. Sanford
Recently Allegiant announced the addition of two new destination cities:
  1. Mesa
  2. Fort Lauderdale
Rockford is getting both. For a full story check out Tom Bona's story in the Rockford Register. Although it would have been very tough, if not impossible to have flights to Vegas/Mesa from ORH. There is no way we should have lost Allegiant and today we should have three destinations from ORH to Florida.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me now that the powers that be either don't care or are too incompetant to do anything for the productive use of ORH. The consequences could really harm worcester/central mass in the long run. Some serious action needs to be taken to ensure our region thrives in the coming years...what can be done to get the wheels turning???



Anonymous said...

Give it up. ORH isn't getting any service from Allegiant.

Bill Randell said...


We are all well aware that Allegiant will not be coming back to ORH. What I am trying to point out is that Allegiant are not "charlatans",losing them was a huge loss or ORH and no other airlines are coming to ORH .

All our hopes are on who the next owner, either outright or long-term lease, will be. To that, I feeled that we made a huge mistake not marketing the airport itself (not a parcel) the past three years.

Now that we even have a 6 month extension, does anyone know what is going on??



PS Brett is right... I would like to see the negotiations being one of the leading topics this election, versus nothing being said at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree ORH s/b a (or THE ) top priority issue in teh campaign............but the problem is that pols only take on simplistis issues that are not divisive and that all are prob infavor of.

Eg. quoting todays Herald re a 311 phone number that immediately connectts you to city hall in your minucipality and that is in efect in other communities:

"Worcester city councillor and mayoral hopeful Rick Rushton said implementing 311 will be his TOP PRIORITY if he is elected in November".

You've got to be kiding me. Worc doesnt have other more pressing issues?......Like being technically bankrupt........or having employees who average 10 sick days annully per the Worc Mun. Research Bureau.

Then there is also Mr Robert Nemeth (T & G exec) praising the boy scouts organization and extolling its virtues (which i agree with) and the effect of 6 years in the Boys Scouts upon his teenage years.................then we fast forward to Airport Commission of wich he a member and former chairman and its Motis operandi...........and ........ what is going with th at committee....nothing important ever seems to be on the agenda?

Anonymous said...

WOW !!!! Rockford Rocks !!!

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

Mayoral candidate Mike Perotto has tossed out the idea of leasing out the airport to a company who wants to establish sustainable, renewable energy sources there. He has also filed an order with the City Manager requesting that a member of his staff be re-designated as a Neighborhood Liason, who would deal specifically with neighborhood concerns. Let's face it, the DPW fields 90% of calls to city hall, and theyve had a "one-number", customer service-oriented approach (ie:giving work order numbers for service requests) for years. This is not a new idea, just as the "believe in worcester" tagline is just a rip-off of the "believe in boston" slogan of the red sox a couple of years ago. Still waiting on "Mama's Boy" to come up with one original idea...