November 08, 2007

Cape Air

They keep expanding, story from Cape Cod Times:

Will Cape Air spread its wings to Oregon?

As Cape Air launches new routes in Vermont and Indiana this month, the Hyannis-based airline is looking at another possible expansion. Cape Air CEO Dan Wolf has made three trips to Oregon, said the airline’s spokeswoman Michelle Haynes, to discuss potential routes connecting Portland, Ore. to the coastal cities of Astoria and Newport.“It’s a little premature to say anything definitive,” Haynes said, though she added, “It fits our niche perfectly--if it works its something we’d be very interested in doing.”

Cape Air currently provides service between Boston, Providence, the Cape and Islands. The airline also operates routes in Florida, Puerto Rico and Micronesia.
Service in Vermont launched last week and flights are scheduled to begin in Indiana next week.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect fit for Worcester Airport. What's the stumbling block?

Anonymous said...

sPEAKING OF municipal enterprise accounts.....ORH is an muncipal enterprise operation, believe it or not.......

i saw in the legals today that the town of Westboro is advertising (Requests for Proposals) for a golf course superintendant............are they farming out the course operations....or is this a one job man they're advertising.

Worc should take notice.

Problem is though that Worc's higher ups lose some of their feifdom when things like this happen and coucillors are less likely to have the opportunity to hand out lawn mowing jobs that cost the taxpayers $40 an hour.