November 14, 2007

Commons Project

Compare there two projects that started at approximatley the same time:

Westboro Bay State Commons


Worcester City Square

One boasts of employment opportunities, while the other announces a new real estate agent to market space.


Anonymous said...

cOMPARE these 2 projects that started at approx the same time:

1. The Hand it Over Theatre.....

a. Front page todays T&G:
b. Tradesmen shown gainfully employed (partly on city taxpayers dime)

2 The Worcester WWI Memorial

a. Front page last weeks T&G, 2 stories:
1. Alleged Homeless, (jobless?) Man Found Dead at The Aud.

2. WWI Vets Roll Over In Graves at thought of The Aud Being Dubbed: PIP North Main Annex.


Next Mays T&G headline:

City Sued Over Alleged Homeless Mans Death at The Aud Last November

City manager M O'B last night went into executice seesion to discuss pending litigation brought against teh City re: the death of an alleged homeless man in the Worc Auditorium last November.

Rumor has it the suit alleges gross negligence on the part of the city for failure to follow the State of Mass new laws that were enacted in the wake of the Worc Cold Storage Warehouse fire of 1999......specifically....... failure to secure and monitor vacant or partially vacant property.

Reports are that city employee(s) on numerous previous ocassions had to remove this same alleged homeless man from the AUD premises...........and failed to prevent the deceaseds repeated entry into the building where he enevtually allegedly perished.

Plaintiffs claim the City is at least the proximate cause, if not the direct cause of death.

Plaintiffs also allege City has failed to live up to its own recently enacted laws re: nuisance properties. (Give a pol enough rope and he'll hang his own city with overregulation).

Plaintiffs are seeking unspecified treble damamges. City states it is exempt from treble damage awards and that GROSS negiligence would be a hard sell, however negligence is possible.

City solicitor wonders how many Moore of these suits the city can afford to defend and/or settle

File under SSDD:

Similar Suit Different Defendant

Anonymous said...


You really know how to rub it in with that comparison of the Westboro vs. Worcester projects, eh?

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Bill Randell said...


I work downtown and own propertu downtown, nothing would make me happier then City Square. The truth is the truth.

What Westboro has done in a relatively short time is amazing.


Unknown said...

In regards to the Aud.. yes, nothing is in there but I was happy to see the City looking into it.
They recently hosted a design charette for that entire area and the Aud was obviously a huge focus of that... The top 4 priorities of last charette they hosted got done within 10 years... we'll see...

City Square? yeah, it's taking a while.. it's a huge development and there's a lot of room for failure.. I'm not holding my breathe but I'm also not pessimistic, just impatient..

I think the real priority development area for the city should be the Canal District... Huge opportunity to create a thriving urban village off the success of the local establishments that have started without outside incentives... Make a young adult oriented destination point, that's what the City needs... destination points.. then the airport, etc... will follow...

Anonymous said...

Isaiah is totally correct! Worcester could be a real exciting place for people to visit and enjoy. City/State leaders MUST take action!


Anonymous said...

Brett Wrote:
"City/State leaders MUST take action!"

State leaders don't care about Worcester. Any Worcester leaders that are even remotely competent get out and become state leaders who don't care about Worcester.

Anonymous said...


The sad truth is that we cannot afford the parks that we have now.........and I would assert that many of them are under used.........Green hill Park is a 500 acre diamond in the rough....500 acres ....smack dab in the middle of an urban area..............truly unusual... yet we cannot even get a liqour license at the golf course club house up there b/c a dozen or so liqour License nazis want to stop it............had the same problem with an airport access road.........100 people ban together .....make some noise and our so called leaders just fold right up.........

The Canal district park is a bad idea dreamed up by the wrong people.......Newspapertypes.....

we're actaully probably going to be closing many, if not all, of our park swimming polls and replacing them with lower maintenance spray parks.....if anything park downsizing in the future will be the norm

Most people dont even use their own backyards now.........never mind a city park.....and a few city parks are more noted for their vagrants than anything else