November 27, 2007


From our friend Tom Bona at the Rockford Register, for the full story click here.

"The airport has seen 177,696 passengers through October. Last year, the airport totaled 172,200 passengers for the whole year."

Keep in mind that this airport faces many of the same challenges as ORH being a secondary airport within an hour of a major airport (Chicago) and also had no passenger service after 9/11. They, however, have been able to succeed and should be the example that we follow.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the airport may be taking a step in the right direction like Rockford in attracting business and customers.
The airport website has Windward Aviations proposal for new hangar construction. Doesn't look bad at all.

Bill Randell said...

Winward will not do anything until the negotiations are final with MassPort and they know what the future mgmt is at ORH. John, I agree with you, however, with your comment.