November 17, 2007

Saudi Prince

Think we have all read the story about a Saudi Prince, who has order an Airbus A380 with an estimated cost of $320,000,000!!! Here is the story.

My point being that if we actually put the airport our "For Sale" or "For Lease" and did and actually marketed it, we could fine someone who would be interested in our airport.


Anonymous said...

He owns a huge chuck of Citibank stock as well and may be the largest sh'er.

Unfortunately, his Citi stock has tanked from 51 to 34 of late, but he can still well afford to buy an airport or two

Bill Randell said...


I was just trying to put things in perspective. We have an modern airport with some 1400 acres of land.

Although we have proved that we can not run it, that does not mean it is not worth money. Here you have a guy who is willing to spend $320,000,000 on one plane.

Anonymous said...

So for less than 10% of what the plane cost him......he could buy worc airport........prob even 5% of what plane cost......

Sad part is though no pol will ever vote for it b/c they lose control once they sell it.........their thinking now is that at least w/ Massport.......they can still probably exert political influence up there if needed.

This is all about building political fiefdoms all you can to hold on to what u now control......b/c once you lose control of got less jobs to hand out.....thus the conjectured LT leasing of airport as opposed to out right sale to a private party.

Same thing for cemetaries and trash pick up and park maintenance in the city...........if its farmed out........pols and managers lose turf........and no private contractor is going to hire a city employee who is only working 43 weeks per year (5 weeks vacation + 2 weesk sick time + at least 2 weesk of holidays = 9 weeks off per year................actually it 's more like 10 weesk off & only 42 weeks of work when u figure in all holidays and a few personal days too...