November 01, 2007

Sunday Nemeth Column

As the election closes in and many people are prognosticating on the election, I wait here patiently for the Nemeth column on the transfer of ORH to MassPort. At this point I could almost write it.

Remember the highlights:

  • long-term lease at a nominal amount
  • MassPort will pay the operating deficit
  • Worcester tax-payers pay the debt service (600,000 per year)
  • starting January 1st

To date only Jahn, aka the Unabomber, has accepted my $20 bet.


Anonymous said...

no change in December. Too late

Bill Randell said...

bet # 2 accepted. Jahn and Tim, when the deal is inked we can meet for coffee and hand me brand new $20 bills

Anonymous said...

I'll take a case of brew next July instead..............does 20$ git me a 24 or a 30 case of Bud

I trust you re not operating on inside info I dont wanna have to turn ya into the S.E.C. !!!!

Anonymous said...

Massport - Worcester's savior:

Boston Logan holds largest-ever emergency drill

It's the balls! We actually saw some movement among Massport personel.
We did a noise study some years ago with Massport Class F airports only to determine that there were several microphones on 30 ft.
stantions surrounding the airport. If an aircraft exceeded the
predetermined noise footprint, the carrier was fined and this is still
is effect today along with landing between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am.
Massport also takes 2% of the gross from every carrier operating at a Massport (both Logan and Hanscom) airport. The landing fees are cruel and completely bust any net profit for most revenue legs.

When attempting to fly from SW Florida to BOS we were handed an EDP
time of indefinite since they were experiencing a snowstorm and
couldn't get the runways cleared. So I called Massport and spoke to
the Manger of snow removal and queried him about the brand new snow
removal equipment and the new snow removal program. He said there is
no snow removal program for Logan Airport. I asked how much snow have
ya got, he said 'bout an inch, gonna take us all day to clear it. I
told him I was all set, released the parking brake and headed for
Boston. They were only accepting Cat II.