November 11, 2007

Six Month Extension

Today is November 11th and the current six month extension ends December 31st. Lots to get done between then and now. I still feel my $20 bet with Jahn and Tim in safe and ORH will be conveyed to MassPort by then via long-term lease or outright sale at a nominal amount, while MassPort pays the operating deficit and we pay the debt service (600K per year). We should find out by the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Won't happen. Things like this just do not happen that fast in Government. Another extension.

Anonymous said...

Check out this letter to the editor, looks like Jahn has a disciple !!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
McGovern backs tax-and-spend candidates

I’m deeply appalled at the vitriolic attitude of U.S. Rep. James P. McGovern, D-Worcester, and his lack of bipartisanship and I question his choice for office in the most recent Worcester election. Although Mr. McGovern has done some commendable things for Worcester, he’s not showing the leadership that I want from my congressman.

He’s supported candidates who appear to be part of the tax-and-spend bunch on Beacon Hill who ignore Central Massachusetts residents.

He backed Gov. Deval L. Patrick and Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Murray as the reform candidates and what we got is a governor who is tapping into $280 million of the rainy-day fund to give raises to the Legislature and a lieutenant governor who did nothing when they raised train fares 25 percent for Worcester commuters. What happened to Mr. Murray’s pre-election promise to ride the train and get better service? Mr. McGovern also supported Edward M. Augustus Jr. as state senator and now we find out that Mr. Augustus might not even be living in the district he represents. No wonder Mr. Augustus didn’t object to the Massachusetts Turnpike tolls being increased for Central Massachusetts residents.

I’m concerned that Mr. McGovern’s candidate choices will bankrupt this city, state and nation. We really do need some checks and balances, and voting for the good ol’ boy just doesn’t cut it anymore.



WOW !!!! I could have swore that was Jahn in action.


Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

He wrote similar letter awhile back.

Needless to say, I am in agreement.

Give the city and its pols enough rope and they'll hang themselves and the taxpayers.

Wondre if the city beancounters give MOB a quarterly or monthly financial report.

Poor Mike prob doesnt even want to see it. The 6 month city finan- cial repaort that will probbaly b e out on Februay 14th will be really red. $500+ Million dollar enterprise should probabaly have weekly reports, given todays data processing and software capabilities.

I got a double saw buck that says they dont even have a real costing system in place.
E.g. With the push of a couple of buttons the city s/b able to tell us what it costs to cut the grasss at Greenhill