November 24, 2007

Rutland, Vermont

Has better air service, a web site and free parking. No offense to anyone from Rutland but this airport was not even considered in the New Regional Air Study Plan and they look and perform much better then ORH.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a ski package type program. Good idea.

Anonymous said...

Just asking,
Last night, I noticed an interview with Patsy Santamaria (of the Airport Commission) on Cchannel 3 wearing a really nice looking leather jacket with Swissport (Airport tennant) embroidered on the front. Is that OK? Did he pay for it of was is a gift? Wondering how much? Did he or will he declare is as a business gift? Anyhow, I was,
Just Asking.

Dave from Worcester said...

Airport's ive never heard of have more air service than Worcester...that shouldn't be happening, especially with the second largest city in New England.

Yup, we passed Providence.

Anonymous said...

Read article in Sunday's T&G about aircraft damaged in landing Saturday. Glad to see everyone was safe.

Anonymous said...

I wish WAPA pilot's would finally confront Patsy SantaMaria (even in a group at least if they're afraid to individually) that they don't like his presence at the airport.

Tired of them ripping him apart behind his back .

If you're that concerned about his jacket as him .

Anonymous said...

whats the big deal about patsy's presence at the airport????