November 26, 2007


I downloaded this from an area airport website, would you have guessed it was from the Southern Vermont Regional Airport (Rutland, Vt)? Why hire a consultant, the blue print for a successful secondary airport has already been laid out by the other airports like Rockford and Rutland:

  1. Multiple daily commuter flights to nearby larger airports (Chicago, Boston, etc) where you can then connect direct to anywhere else. If you can not get an airline to do that, get a smaller airline (Cape Air) who can then negotiate a code sharing agreement with a larger airline.
  2. Direct leisure flights a couple times per week to populkar destinations like Vegas, Myrtle Beach and Florida.
  3. Charter business to international vacation spots.
  4. Free parking
  5. Free airport wifi

"Sometimes, you need to do business face to face. Now, businesspeople can meet in Boston and be back in Rutland the same day. And you can connect to points worldwide from Logan International. Take advantage of business-friendly schedules to save time. And with direct access to downtown Boston via rapid transit, you won’t need a car. (Leave it in the free parking lot in Rutland.)

Less time. More convenience. Exciting destinations. What other reasons do you need?"


Anonymous said...

Now Ms Jacobsen is saying the city is going to do upgrades to the municipal parking garage opposite the Hand It Over Theatre..which theater is owned by WCPA LLC (We Cannot Pay Assessments)

Translation: City is going to spend more money to benefit this theater. How much ya wanna bet these will be public safety type upgrades. Think of it as reverse linkage.

I dont have a problem with the city spending some money to "help out" a new business...........but this theatre just keeps coming back to the city and banging us up for more money.

Where the is the end of these hand outs and where are the city employees, labor unions, and taxpayers when all this money is being used to subsidize a privately held, for profit real estate company.

Wonder what happens if someone like Konnie tries to reduce these continued subsidies?

Keep in mind that TIF's (Theatre Incremental Funding)effectively raise taxes fro everyone else.

This is a classic case of incrementalism the way the Hand It Over Theatre keeps comin gback and nipping at our heels for more & more & more money !

My street needs to be re-surfaced

Bill Randell said...


I truly believe the idea of waiving permitting fees and locking in assessed value for commercial development in targeted areas or targeted builings can really help promote the commercial tax base. It should be done, however, up front. The city announces the areas and builings that are eligible as a tool to attract buiness to Worcester.

My problem with the Hanover Theatre is the retro-active part. Imagine if you or I spent million bucks on a builing, fixed it up and then asked to freeze the assessed value at the pre-development value? You would be laughed at.


Anonymous said...

OK Bill, I'll give ya the TIF.........either up front or after the fact....but it s/b up front, I agree..........but these folks have gotten the equivalent of many, many $2.7M (as reported by T&G) TIFs.....when you look a tall the subsidies

What ticks me off is that all the "players" knew ages ago that WCPA would be coming in for these TIFs and the deck was stacked for thsi request long before a shovel of dirt was turned over for this project.....yet in the interim we hand them off millions more in subsidies, grants, loan gaurantees, fee waivers, and the like.

Where does it end?

TIF's, IMO are not going to bring bizz back to the city. We've had tifs for years and what has it brought us??? Actually the question s/b what business has it brought us....that hadnt already decided to locate here anyway .....before they asked for the TIF?....

I also have an issue with the math as reported by T&G yesterday.
$30 million in improvements means that the new builidn has to be worth at least 30$M.....and prob a heck of a lot more....but to be conserevative let's say 30M$. ( but who spents 30M$ on a biluding to have it be worth only 30M$ after it's all finished?.......and the TIF is going to waive for 7 yrs the tax on the

30m Imprv's x 25 comm rate
is an annual tax of ..... 750k

x 7yrs

= $5.5M

So Wat am I missing here?

City says its 2.7m TIF?

MY Math says it's twice that

So someone needs to tell me where I am going wrong in my #'s

And lastly Konnie was on with Blute this morning saying we got more money probs for fiscal '09 that could make fiscal '08 pale in what does city do?.................cut its revenue stream by issuing TIFS. Like I said before.....Walmart should get a TIF, too

Anonymous said...

Also Bill, I know yoyu bemoaned ORH s website in the past.......but have you ever checked out the sterling airport website.........and then compare sterling to Worc airport in terms of size, potential, etc...........and then compared the website of each airport??

Anonymous said...


Spoken like a guy who lives out of town and ownes commercial property in Worcester.

Anonymous said...

I live in town & own no comm. property.

BIll have you ever rec'd a TIF or are you planning new constr and asking for a TIF?

I'll betcha most entites that receive TIFs are owned by non residents and/or corporations trusts, partnerships, etc........not sure how a corp or P'ship or trust can be a resident??

Wonder if anonymous draws a paycheck from Worc and is a non- resident?

The ole Edward Augustus motis operandi !