November 13, 2007

Cape Air

For three years we have talked about a shuttle to a hub, either Boston, LaGuardia, from which you can then get a direct flight around the country. Since that time we have seen Cape Air do this exact thing with code sharing agreement with JetBlue from:

  1. Hyannis
  2. P-town
  3. Martha's Vineyard
  4. Nantucket

Now I read in the Courier Press that Cape Air is doing this from Evansville and South Bend to Indianapolis. How come we can not get Cape Air to come to ORH?


Anonymous said...

...'cuz Massport sucks...I know, I sound like a broken record... but it just seems they keep driving down the price of ORH...

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Bill Randell said...


I apologize for being so repetitive, but it drives me crazy to hear people say three years ago at the airport that Cape Air can not work here. In the meantime theyt do exactly what we proposed at Hyannis, P-Town, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.

Now to top it off we see it being done throughout the country (shuttles from a secondary airport to a nearby hub via a Cessna type plane which has a code sharing agreement with a bigger airline). Still it can not be done at ORH.

Dave from Worcester said...

agreed, there is no reason we shouldn't have Cape Air operating out of ORH. It pisses me off because it seems like we have so many oppurtunities, but never take any of them.

Anonymous said...

My best guess is that the city has told Cape Air that they could come, but they would have to pick up the operating deficit.

Anonymous said...

Here's what truly bothers me. Councillor Rushton, less than 3 weeks ago voted for the lowest reidential tax rate........which by default = the highest commercial tax rate.

Now in the todays T&G.... Nick K. is headlining that Mr Rushton says:: "We got to look at the (tax)rate structure"

Sorry, but I just see this as talking out of both sides of ones mouth.

Reminds of Levy.....always wringing his hands over the lack of housing downtown and how we need market rate housing to make downtown successful.............yet in the early 90's he voted for a new zoning ordinance that forbid use downttown business districts only busines use is allowed.....and there are no variances (use variance) to allow residential use in a bizz district.