November 28, 2007

Stewart Airport

Stewart Airport expects to triple their passenger count this year is expected to exceed 900,000 passengers. My point is that there is a market for secondary airports as shown by Rockford and Stewart, if the airport is run efficiently.


Anonymous said...

Not sure here???......but.....I found out the hard way last night that we lost our Camb. St on ramp to 290 ( & to 146, too?) ??....and I guess we lost also our Camb St off ramp, too?.....

Transition to 146/290 NB & SB is seamless and fantastic.........but.......I dont like losing Cambr St egress.

Anonymous said...

It's great fun when you get off the Cambridge Street exit looking for Webster Square, and can't turn around until you get to Millbury.

Ain't progress great?