May 02, 2008

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Paulie said... "not for nuttin'..if da service is dat bad..why not find another airport??

"Most have. Like I said, take a walk around and see the desolation.Just for fun, take a look at ORH through google maps, and click on the sattelite image. I count 12 planes in the tie-down area, one (jet?) in front of Dynair, and 8 at the radio shop.I count 38 planes in Fitchburg, 16 in Spencer ,12 in Sterling (along with 79 glider trailers with 8 outside the trailers) 23 in Stow, 23 in Southbridge, 9 in Gardner, and 14 in Barre.

Every privately owned airport in the area has more planes than Worcester, and of the publicly owned ones, only Gardner has fewer. I suppose ORH is simply a secret that us fly-boys haven't discovered yet. Otherwise, it woudl be loaded with little planes.

h yeah, if Patrick gets his way, Mass will join Maine as the only New England States charging sales tax on airplanes and parts, so you can say good-bye to the Radio Shop too.


Anonymous said...

Check out, click on check fuel prices, and enter in a Worcester zip code.
This gives you a list of airport surrounding Worcester Airport.

Some interesting finds.

At Stow airport you had excellent comments about the manager actually greeting pilot's and fueling their planes. Even a good comment from a Worcester pilot under the comments section for the restaurant on the field.

Spencer and Sterling seemed to have no negative comments and cheaper fuel compared to most.

Norwood seemed to have positive comments and a pilot seemewd to be impressed with the manager of the fueling op responding to a negative comment.

Pilots at Bedford seemed to be pleased with Signature.

Finally at Westover, pilot's with small planes seemed to be impressed with the fact at such a large airport the were treated well.

Anonymous said...

it's cause everything is dificult in this's one thing when it's difficult in Boston, still make Worcester it is always difficult and you don't make money..folks move