May 15, 2008

City Exec Payraises

I just read today's paper completely blown away by these payraises! You need to read the story by Nick K today and read the comments. We probably have the highest paid golf pro in Central Massachusetts making 87,182 per year for how many months of work?


Anonymous said...

Bill, that's what caught my eye, too.....and i just read it 1/2 an hour ago ......but is he the golf pro(as in a good golfer)......or is he a "golf course professional". i.e he manages the entire course.

Why give a raise to a job that may not be in existence 12 months from in we may have privatized golf course management???? BTW predictions are that all or many of teh golf course built for all the baby boomers in the last 20 yrs will housing developments in the not too distant future

If merely a Golf Pro.........dare i ask what his tasks are from November until April....feed the the migrating canada the golf carts......???

Reminds me of up in Maine....what does the small town harbor master & ass't harbormaster do from October until May.........feed the sea gulls?

OK enough on that.......but I challenge any of these city managemtn employees to go out tommorow and find a job that will yield the the total COPMPENSATION PACKAGE that they now enjoy at their current salary......not the new porposed salaries.......but the current salaries........again.....public sector compensation packages are absolutely outta control.give em a cost of living.thats it

Bill Randell said...

I hate making comments like this, because the head golf pro may be a great guy doing a great job at Green Hill. It is nothing personal, but close to 90,000 per year for six months of work at Green Hill?

Maybe I am completely wrong and it is a 12 month job? Someone straighten me out. Didn't we read less then one month ago in the Sunday Telegram, however, that the pro at the Gardner Municipal Golf Course made approximately 50,500 per year?

Why are we paying so much more? Why don't we put out an RFP for this job?

How many applicants do you think we would get for the Green Hill position at 50,500 per year?

Anonymous said...

New definition to the term, "Mile High Club"...

Harry Tembenis

Anonymous said...

Another Massport agreement has been made. It save the city a 1/4 million per year.

Anonymous said...

That 1st post above is mine. Some how my name was omitted or didnt show up. Sure most knew it anyway.

I wonder if the 90,000 annual cost is just salary and if not we then have to add in the health insurance & pension costs which I suggest would bring the total cost to the $110,000 range.

I wonder if you have to be "well connected" to land a job like that.

Time to privatize management of Green hill?? Seems many other muni. golf courses have done it......likewise for trash collection

Do we have any other specifics in WMRB report of last week on this topic?