May 16, 2008

Johnson Golf Management

Private company that does golf management for alot of municipalities including Pakachoag next door in Auburn. Check them out, click here.


Anonymous said...


Be careful, the Green Hill pro may come down and take you out at the knees with a golf club ala Tonya Harding & Jeff Gilooly !!!


Harry Tembenis
Worcester ,MA

Bill Randell said...

Everyone says the Green Hill pro does a great job. I am just looking at this as a business. Can we afford to keep Green Hill losing $100,000 per year.

Actually the losses may even be more? Are the people working at Green Hill employees? Do we pay towards their pensions, etc? If we do the losses at Green Hill may be alot more then $100,000 per year?

In the very least maybe it is worth the time and effort to put our an RFP and see what a company like a Johnson Golf Mgmt would bid?

Anonymous said...

...if the Green Hill golf pro doesn't Tonya Harding 'ya with a golf club, then there is always Mr. O'Brien and Julie Jacobsen whackin' you at the knee with a DPW shovel for keeping the pay raise story front and center...


Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA