May 31, 2008

Street Sweeping

In the Canterbury Street area, there is street sweeping going on. Off street parking is vital in these neighborhoods and you can not pick a worse time then to see the streets full of cars (Saturday and Sunday). If you lived in any of these three deckers would you think that the signs that have been up on the street for five days would kick in on a Saturday morning?

Seriously I can not tell you how many cars I saw towed around the block so that the streets could be cleaned and then slapped with a tickert ($50 I believe). I know that nobody is ever happy with some services but it does not make sense to me to clean streets on week-ends where there is no off street parking to begin with.


Anonymous said...

The larger questions are:

1. Why are we paying overtime for this operation? What does it matter timewise if it takes them

a. 6 5 day weeks or

b. 5 6 day weeks

to complete this operation. In the spring they are not up against the potential, unpredictable weather constraints of late fall.

2. We s/b picking up the "urban core" first and not last as they usually do b/c the Tatnucks, Salisburys, & Burncoat'ers have have much more yard waste & treed streets then the typical 3 family 'hoods do. In many 3 family hoods the house, driveway, tomato garden, & bath tub shrine takes up most of the small lot size......therefore less foliage. If you ever notice, in the fall they start with the 3 family, urban core areas first for this very reason, per Mr Moylan.

Maybe there is a logical explanation from the city engineers....but I will say in their defense....this re: the bi -annual pick up program...sometimes DPW is dammed no matter what they do....we've had councillor sin the past absolutely lambaste DPW b/c we got 6 " of snow in late November, 1 week before the fall pick up program is finished. Mr. Moylan does not have Hotline to God.

I'd write them an email and ask, but the e-mails I have send to DPW are never responded to. e.g. How much longer are you going to wait before that salt shed on East Mountain implodes and falls on a fellow yard waste citizen. It's been leaning now for the better part of a decade. This isnt Italy.

And if & when it does fall the city cannot claim their liabilty is limted to $100,000 b/c they are well aware of this problem, but they are too busy busting on Landlords when there is an unregistered vehicle on the their property....yet my neighbor can park his 58 ft Winnabago almost in my side yard........and it's all legal. Christ teh God dam thing is bigger than my house!

Brendan Melican said...

So far this spring I've seen:

* Street sweepers cleaning 290 on/off ramps during morning rush hour.
* Street sweepers cleaning (going out of) business districts during normal business hours.
* Street sweepers in outlying neighborhoods (mine in tatnuck) sweeping streets around midnight.

Im finding it very difficult to find anything which makes sense in Worcester anymore.

Anonymous said...

I rarely see it, but my understanding is they do sweep the greater downtown district regularly at night...and I think poss. some of the major arteries too?????

I think most sweeping of the interstates is now done by private contractors

Bill Randell said...

As I said there is always going to be some people who will be towed no matter when the street sweeping is done. That said I can not think of a worse time, but great for ticketing, to sweep a neighborhood that has no off-street parking then Saturday morning at 8:00AM when nobody is going to work.

Anonymous said...

Cambridge and Somerville have the best policy...every street is done once a month.there are signs on the street posting the times and day

9-12 every third wednesday

a cruiser goes down the street stating street cleaning..if your car is blocking the street cleaner and not moved the car is then towed..all done on week days

Clean cities and both very prosperous