May 09, 2008

Worcester Scratch Ticket

Story in the Telegram today that Councilor Smith has proposed the idea of a Worcester Scratch ticket to only be sold in Worcester with all proceeds from the sales going to Worcester. Imagine the fun we could have with this. The wild card could even be a picture of Scratch and the prizes. Post your ideas here.
On a serious note maybe we should focus on some of the cost cutting ideas that the Worcester Regional Research Bureau suggested first. More importantly there is no way in hell the Lottery would allow this.


Anonymous said...

The Fitchburg Airport Annual Budget (Pages 81 & 82) is $1,017,200, but $742,732 of that is for purchase of aviation fuel and oil, and for payroll for linepersons. ORH does not sell aviation fuel and oil, nor to they have linepersons. These sales and expenses belong to Swissport.

If Worcester managed their airport the same way, the cost to the taxpayers would be $274,468 (minus any income)

Worcester could adopt that budget, keep the airport, throw out Massport, and save $1,250,000 per year.

David Z. said...

Bill, I don't think the Worcester Sharks would appreciate a promotional tie-in with the former Worcester IceCats mascot. LOL

Bill Randell said...

That was kind of my point. I appreciate that we need to look for new revenue streams, but maybe we should focus on expenses.

Why can't we downgrade ORH to General Aviation and try to run it like Fitchburg? In the meantime we can still try to sell the airport, but why lose $1,500,000 right now?

Anonymous said...

The Worcester Airport Budget (p145) shows enterprise revenues of $738,600. None of the airport expenses are tied to revenue generation. They are mostly tied to Massport-required security and maintaining airline capability.

They could reduce the expenses to the same level as Fitchburg ($274,468) and retain the $738,600 revenuse.

The Airport could actually show a profit of $464,132.

Hey Bill, you wanna buy an airport? Give the city $2mil for it, and get a 25% annual ROI.

Anonymous said...

besides the overall lunacvy of this idea WHAT HAPPENS IF THE sHARKS go the same route as the iecats??......and we've printed 10M tickets?.........and worse.what if another minor league shows up & replaces the sharks

all I see in this are the SHarks on the council looking to sink their teeth into the wallets of lower income people who typically buy these tix..............meanwhile they wont dare sink their teeth in to expenses or any of the WMRB recommendations..............some of these foolish ideas make me wonder if some councillors thinking s/b out on I.O.D.

Anonymous said...

it just seems we have so many other things to be doing right now and that we are not in that place just yet for some of this other stuff..makes you wonder if some of our CC are bored with the nuts and bolts of the job...some guys can only look at the shit for so long..

I still remember Tim Murray doing a Mayor's Walk in the heat of August on a Saturday my hood 2+ years was he, CC Barbara Haller (this post could be the same for her also)...a police officer and one other neighbor...we walked around for 2 hours...I made comment to him that this meant alot...but that he probably should be out campaigning elsewhere in the state-Cape Cod came to mind:>)..he shot back that one can't forget the non sexy stuff in not so many words and he is right

Some can only handle the not so sexy neighborhood/city issues for so long and some can listen till you talk their ear off and then they ask you another question

Anonymous said...

It would be in the best interest to retain the private enterprise Swisspot.

Reasons include any liabilities would be not be incurred by the city of Worcester but by a company professionally trained in aviation.

Also Swissport incurs all expenses in training professional personnel to monitor fuel quality, machines to dispense fuel and handle all types of aircraft.

Leave it to the professionals. Worcester is trying to get out of the aviation business

Bill Randell said...

Gee I wonder where this last anonymous post works???

Seriously why don't explain your relationship to Swissport, I would not mind and it would give your posts more credibility.


Anonymous said...

Swissport Employee Wrote:

"It would be in the best interest to retain the private enterprise Swisspot."

Ummm.... I specifically removed fuel sales and expenses from the ORH and FIT numbers. The $464K Profit assumes they leave Swissport there.