February 06, 2012

Comment I got today

Why is Unum leaving its current site? Our existing offices in Worcester date back nearly 90 years. Although they have been expanded and updated several times to accommodate growth, the inflexible layouts and high operating costs led us to the conclusion that we needed to consider alternative long-term alternatives. The new location will provide more efficient, consolidated space and lower operational costs. The new Unum building will be LEED certifiable. Why was the CitySquare location chosen? Our first goal was to bring our work environment in line with the first-class facilities enjoyed at our home offices in Chattanooga and Portland. We also took into consideration employees’ commuting time, access to public transportation, attractive and educate workforce and our long-standing commitment to the city. We believe that with City Square we have accomplished those goals. At the same time we recognize the impact to downtown Worcester of a development like this, and are proud to play a key role in the transformation of downtown.

By Anonymous on Tale of two companies at 1:17 PM


Anonymous said...

Just for the record... The comment posted wasn't written to the blog directly. It is just something that has been shared with Unum employees. I shared it on this blog to assist you in understanding why a move is being made.

Bill Randell said...

thank you


Jahn said...

Is this an official statement from UNUM to their 'ees?

Bill Randell said...


i think it is?? but not sure


Jahn said...

"Is it just me"...this cant written by anyone inside UNUM who deals with public communications?

"high operating costs"?...I thought I read they occupy their current site effectively rent free vs. they're now going to paying CS Class A office space rent?

"alternative long term alternatives"...Now i mean my bloggin' my gramma aint always on the money....but "alternative...alter-natives"???

What is LEED Certifiable? The "EE" has to be "Energy Efficient" or Employee Efficient" I aint googling it but the term s/b defined.

(Unum)..."also took into consideration employees’ commuting time, access to public transportation, attractive and educate workforce and our long-standing commitment to the city. We believe that with City Square we have accomplished"

I would have to guess that some employees will have a some what shorter commute and others a somewhat longer commute, given they are only moving 4/10ths(?) of a mile. Do they think that some Unum employees coming from the east will now switch over to commuter rail? I tend to doubt that, unless parking fees at CS are going to break the bank?

And "attractive and educate (sic) workforce" ??? Not so sure how CS accomplishes an attractive and educate(d) workforce? Now I have a reason(S) to chill on the Common at lunch time and checkout the UNUM "scenery" LOng standing commitment to the city. I thought they wiped out the sales force when UNUM rode into town plus downsized everything else. But on the other hand that always happens when a new sheriff rides into town

Sorry but UNUM, not unlike our city schools, suffers from NBS ( New Building Syndrome)...the old ..

"build it and things will get better syndrome". I heard this in 1968 about Worc Center, I heard it in 1976 about the Centrum, I heard it in 1994 about The Fashion Common outlets, I heard it in 199+ about Union Station, I heard it in 1996 about Med City, and I heard it in 2004 about the new court house. Then there are the 3 make overs each of the Common and Lincoln Sq during my lifetime.

I am from Missouir now.

OMG, I cant even print what my Word verification is and it aint a 4 letter word either and it is street slang for one of the reasons I am uncertain about CS's viablity.......Bill would be unable to post my blog.

Jahn said...

Dateline Southbridge & Brimfield: Tornado Fallout Skews Tax Base.

Color me confused, but how does a tornado that strikes in June 2011affect property tax rates for fiscal year ended June 2012? My understanding is that tax rates for fiscal years ended June 2012 are based on assessed property values as of January, 2011? Help me here Will. You're a real estate professional.

And what of the affect of the 25 year old low income housing Tornado that has hit Worcester. There was the Tornado of June, 1953 and now ther is the low income housing tornado of 1985 to ???? I have to Wonder how much other city properties are over assessed to offset costs of 44 units of low income housing built on 7/8ths acres of land?

How many violent crimes against humanity have occurred w/in a 1/2 mile radius of city hall in the first 5 weeks of 2012? 1 per week? I need to know who takes responsibilty for incresed crime in Worcester. I already know who takes resposibilty for decreases in crime.

T Minus 90 days and counting until some idiot(s) on the city council will probably move to ban tHE latest stimulant on the market, to wit Aero Shot Coffee Inhaler. Word is Aero Shot has already been rolled out in Boston and NYC and one shot (inhalation) will give ya 100MG's of caffiene, the same as a large cup of coffee, unless you're foolish enough to buy your large cup at Dunky where large means only 18 oz for about $2.50.

I am sure it doesnt take a Worc Public Schools 10th grade level MCAS graduate to figure out other ways to put an empty Aero Inhaler device to more productive, higher usage. Soooo in Blunts like fashion, look for Worcester to ban not only the product but the container/inhaler, too.

Look for Mumbles to initially be leading the Anti Aero campaign charge here in Mass-hole-achusetts followed by his fellow countryman here in Worcester. Also look for an exemption in the Worc. law that will allow the city manual vote re-count dept. to use Aero Shot Coffee Inhaler after 8 hours on the re-count job. Other unnamed city depts may request a simlar exemption.

Jahn said...

Sorry, my typing cant keep pace with my thoughts.

So Bill, I think you s/b the first to roll out Aero Shot in Worcester....assumming here that you didnt have it yet. It will really put Canterbury St on the map if you're the 1st one "busted" in Worc for selling a legal product. Maybe a shivering Channel 7 Anchorette/Reportette will drop by with heels taller than her portable, truck mounted antenna?

ON the other hand............I see some possible downside, too??????