February 14, 2007

136 Days

On this snowy day couple of thoughts:

  1. 136 days left in the current operating agreement. MassPort is a done deal--long-term lease at a nominal amount with an option to renew with some revenue sharing.
  2. why are we trying to put these two parcels of land out for RFP now with so much uncertainty?
  3. A St Pete's flight from Allegiant out of ORH would not only have attracted Tamps fliers, but Fort Myers and other popular destinations on the Gulf Coast like Naples, Port Charlotte, etc
  4. Assuming the current $70,000 goes to IMG, we will paid them approximately $270,000!!! We would have been much better off juts writing a check to Allegiant keeping them here and hitting 10,000 passengers, which means 1,000,000!!
  5. Can I say it again for the 100th time.. Losing Allegiant was a huge loss.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to sell it for a nice profit but like you have said before if you are in negotiations with only one buyer then you are in a weak postion. Lets give it to Massport and maybe we can finally have an airport that our city deserves!

Bill Randell said...

Long-term leasing or outrighting selling ORH to MassPort will give them chance to earn a return on their investments and it will be a huge improvement over the current set-up, which could not be any worse.

In the end we will be leaving money and lost opportunities on the table by not reaching out to other potential suitors.

Again maybe we should just be happy that it is a step in the right direction and leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

I agree losing Allegiant was huge. They were not the fly-by-night low cost airline we were lead to believe.
You make a great business analogy by stating investing $270,000 into Allegiant would have garnered 1 million in returns.
It appears there's to much paralysis through analysis where the airport is concerned.

Bill Randell said...

Between not knowing the management effective 7/1/7 and the fact Allegiant could not make money here, we have no chance of getting an airline so why waste the monies on IMG.

Wrap up the deal with MassPort and hand them any balances left from the DOT Small Community Air Service Grant.

Anonymous said...

A while back the pipe dream of a Nascar track at ORH was touted on here

The Herald seems to think that John Henry wants to buy into Loudon, NH Sppedway because he 's big Nascar guy AND if can't then he has ideas to site a track somewhere in New england. Someone on here said thats's not possible b/c Loudon has "protected Nascar territory"

Anonymous said...

Jahn Dough said...
"A while back the pipe dream of a Nascar track at ORH was touted on here"

It really doesn't matter if it's an airport, Nascar track, or casino.

People aren't going to drive on back roads to get there.

Bill Randell said...


Formally nothing has been announced, but as far as I am concerned this is a done deal. City of Worcester will long-term lease ORH to MassPort, at least 20 years most likely 30, at a nominal rate with some revenue sharing with one maybe two options to renew the lease.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I agree, at the very least the place needs better access and probably an access road and Massport has eminent domain powers. The question, however, is does this power extent to building an access road?

As I have said before this is agreat way to get an accesse road and the city councillors can just tell the condemned property owners that they have no control over when & where Massport wants to build an access road.

I have to believe that if the city is doing their homework, this question will be raised by the councillors when the Massport deal is placed before them for approval (a.k.a. Rubberstamping)

Anonymous said...

Massport has no Eminent Domain powers for a road off their property. This is a Mass. Highway/ City of Worcester issue. We can not depend on the road for the short term. If the road got an ok today, it would be years and years before they even start it- never mind finish it. Worcester lost its right to that money two Governor's and three Highway Commissioners ago.

Bill Randell said...

For one thing MassPort is not going to keep paying our bills unless they start seeing a return. Only they can realize a return is not get some equity-interest in ORH (long-term lease or outright ownership).

In the short-term thereafter, an access road will not happen. massPort will need to get ORH back on track first. Assuming that they do then an access road will be on the table,


Anonymous said...

you know what I'm saying Bill?

Anonymous said...

you're not hearing me Bill

Anonymous said...

the city lost its right to that money two Governor's ago

Anonymous said...

JetBlue to begin flights to Nantucket in spring
Airline also to couple service with Cape Air
By Peter J. Howe, Globe Staff | February 15, 2007

JetBlue's coming to Nantucket -- and it's also making a deal to fly thousands more people to and from the rest of the Cape and islands .

Unveiling a pair of new services yesterday, JetBlue Airways Corp. said it will begin offering daily round-trips between New York and Nantucket from May 24 to Sept. 24. In July and August, JetBlue will add second flights on Friday nights, Saturday mornings, and Monday mornings aimed at serving New Yorkers coming up for a weekend visit. Service will be on 100-seat jets, and fares will range from $178 to $558 round-trip.

Separately, after 11 months of negotiations, JetBlue has made a "code share" partnership with Cape Air of Hyannis that will allow people to buy tickets through JetBlue.com to combine service on both airlines, connecting through Logan International Airport, starting March 18.

Passengers may save $80 or more over the price of separate tickets, airline officials said, and will enjoy easier security and baggage procedures making connections through Logan's Terminal C, where the carriers have adjoining gates.

Airline and tourism officials expect the moves will attract tens of thousands of more visitors to the Cape and islands over the summer, particularly Nantucket, whose year-round population of 9,000 already swells to more than 50,000 many summer weekends, with up to one-third of its visitors New Yorkers.

"It opens up the Cape and islands to the JetBlue universe, and it opens the JetBlue universe to the Cape and islands," said Dan Wolf , who is president of Cape Air and also, on summer weekends, a pilot at the controls of one of its nine-seat turboprop planes. JetBlue flies nonstop between Boston and more than 20 destinations.

Wendy Northcross , chief executive of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau , said the "increased ease of access to our region with one-stop booking will open tremendous opportunities."

Besides Cape Air and sister carrier Nantucket Airlines, which are both owned by Hyannis Air Service Inc. , Nantucket Memorial Airport also has year-round service from New York's LaGuardia airport on US Airways Express and summer flights from Logan and Newark Liberty International Airport on affiliates of Continental Airlines Inc. and US Airways Group.

The JetBlue flight to Nantucket is scheduled to leave John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, at 5:30 p.m., land at Nantucket at 6:55 p.m., then head back to JFK at 7:30 p.m. To serve weekend traffic during July and August, JetBlue will add second flights to Nantucket later Friday night and on Saturday morning, and flights back to New York Saturday and Monday mornings. Some $98 promotional fares during non peak weekends will be available.

The code-share deal will also make travel easier for passengers with checked luggage connecting in Boston. Instead of having to get their bags from the carousel and go back through security, passengers combining flights through Logan on the two carriers will walk from gate to gate inside Terminal C as workers transfer bags between airlines.

JetBlue chief executive David Neeleman said he's working on adding a similar code-share deal with Cape Air in Florida and the Caribbean, where the Cape-based carrier offers extensive service during cold-weather months with planes from Massachusetts.

Peter J. Howe can be reached at howe@globe.com.

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA