February 13, 2007

City Council Meeting

Tomorrow night, we have a city council meeting will anyone ask:

  1. How is IMG doing on their recruitment efforts, specifically what happened with the two airlines that "packages" were being prepared for?
  2. Why are the January Board Minutes still not on the airport web site?
  3. How exactly has the Department of Transportation Grant monies been spent?
  4. If we are not, why are we not talking to the other potential suitors for ORH other then MassPort?
  5. Why are we putting the 2 parcels of land out for RFP now when the future management of ORH effective 7/1/7 is not known?
  6. Has Coordinates Corp, the subject of the November 2006 Board Meeting, moved their jet and the 5 full-time employees (as explained in the Board Minutes) to ORH yet?
  7. When will the results of the Master Plan be released?
  8. Does anyone care at the airport about the deplorable conditions at ORH that have been reported on this blog at some of the City owned facilites?


Anonymous said...

I have seen the agenda. There is not much on it. There is nothing about the airport.

Anonymous said...

The answer to question#2, the airport commission minutes are on the airport website this morning for January '07.

Bill Randell said...

January Airport Minutes are on-line now at http://wwww.ci.worcester.ma.us. I will put it on http://www.flyorh.com later.

No news of significance other then we are going to give IMG another $70,000!!!! Total monies spent on IMG now exceed $270,000!!!! Imagine if we had simply spent this money on Allegiant kept to keep them at ORH????

Anonymous said...

They are on the airport's web site, www.flyworcester.com as well.

ThrM said...

Now this is really confusing. There are two Toms posting? How about this, let's all call ourselves the same name. Then they'll say instead of three or four people, it's one person having a conversation with himself.

Tom (who has seen the agenda), can you put in a last initial? That'll be great.