February 23, 2007

Stewart International

Passenger traffic at Stewart International Airport is on track to do what officials predicted, which is to nearly triple 2006's rate. January's numbers were reported Tuesday by Stewart officials. A total of 61,429 people boarded or deplaned, up 168 percent from the 22,892 of January 2006.

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to have private industry operate your airport. See the results at Stewart. They have to produce or perish.

Now the port authority is taking it over. 10 years from now they'll be begging the private operator to come back after the political hacks run the place into the ground with their overpaid employees abusing sick days, abusing I.O.D., lifetime health ins, Booze Cruises, and pilaging the public pension system.

I assume Stewart was run by the political establishment prior to seeling it to a private operator?