February 19, 2007

Land RFP

I still see many problems with the RFP to scare away prospects. Twenty years is simply not enough time to recoup an investment of this amount at an airport that is struggling. The main thing that jumped out at me this time is the section on utilities.

Basically there are no utilities provided. The successful bidder needs to provide their own utilities at their own cost. I have no idea where the closest water and sewer line is but this can end of cost a ton of money not to mention other utilities.

Just do not see how anyone can bid on this.


Anonymous said...

Do you suppose they will give the bidders the E M Loew's treatment and at least waive the utiilty hookup fees and building permit fees? I think the City probably will, given that only a non profit would ever bid on this GA RFP.

Would you lay out millions for new job and you do not know who your boss will be in 4 1/2 months?

Bill Randell said...

If it fact this is something that will be waived (EM Loews Treatment), then it should be stipulated in the RFP. Putting that aside the labor to run a water & sewer lines depending in where they are currently located can be quite expensive especially if there is ledge.

There are lots that are pad ready, these most definately are not pad ready sites. Add all the other variables and I do not see how anyone will invest these amounts of monies and expect any return in 20 years?