February 18, 2007

January, 2007 Board Minutes

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  1. Amity is renting a mobile office and not the office in the hangar space, why is this?? Remember we have been told the conditions are deplorable. Are they so bad that they can not use the office space and now need to go to the mobile office, which I imagine is a trailer.
  2. Looks like Mr Nemeth is also beginning to wonder why we are paying so much money to IMG.
  3. No mention on how IMG is doing with their "two"packages for the two airlines that they are working on to recruit and retain.
  4. No mention as to status of the MassPort negotiations.


Anonymous said...

At least some positive news is Swissport taking the 5 year option. This shows a lot of class. They could have left Worcester when their contract was up.
Kudos to Swissport for being an example of integrity.

Bill Randell said...


What exactly is your relationship to Swissport?? Obviously some family member must work at Swissport.


Anonymous said...

How could this be good news? With everything that has been said about the FBO, I am not sure that this is good news!

Anonymous said...

Swissport has kept Worcester Airport in business. We should be thanking them and their staff for their dedication

Anonymous said...

Swissport is the downfall of ORH. You can expect no new business at the airport for at least the next 5 years.