February 13, 2007


We spent $100,000 on their initial report that, which amongst other things, identified 6 or 7 airlines that would be perfect for ORH.

We then spent another $100,000 to retain them to help us retain and recruit an airline. To date all I know is that they put together two packages, but have no idea to whom or how it went.

Now they another $70,000 to

  • advise the city which airlines could be successful at ORH. Let me get this straight we have paid them over $200,000 and they still do not know which airlines would be successful at ORH.
  • hire another company to do route analysis for top ten markets. We have spent $200,000 and have not done this yet.

Lets forget about the first $100,000 that we paid for the report. Can anyone tell me exactly what we got for the second $100,000 before we spend another $70,000 on IMG???

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