February 18, 2007


Harry made a comment about this the other day and I borrowed this summary from theFebruary 14th's posting from the Cranky Flier (great site):

Beginning March 19, JetBlue and Cape Air customers will be able to take advantage of a codeshare that will connect JetBlue flights to Boston with Cape Air flights to Hyannis, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, and Provincetown, all in Massachusetts.


The partnership is a big deal for JetBlue, because involves codesharing, interline baggage, and frequent flier points redemption on another airline for the very first time. This certainly appears to be a test for the airline, and if it does well I'd expect to see more.

Sort of lost in the shuffle but still a nice move is the announcement that JetBlue will fly nonstop on Embraer 190s from New York/JFK to Nantucket from May 24 through September 24. They're really going to take advantage of the summer season there, and it seems like a smart move. Personally, I'm still bitter that I didn't win the limerick contest sponsored by Nantucket Airlines (owned by Cape Air), but I'm trying to forgive and move on.


Anonymous said...

They ought to concentrate on the fact they have enough planes/crews to service what routes they have now!!!!I was delayed for three days !!!!!!!!!!

Bill Randell said...


JetBlue obviously screwed up the other day and made some big mistakes. Overall they are a very well run company.

The point of the blog was this was a great thing for these small airports to have a feed direct with Cape Air into Boston via a code-sharing with a major airline like JetBlue.

Doug, let me ask again, humor us what do you do for a living??