February 08, 2007


I am off the for the week-end to do a little golfing in Tampa with some college friends. I can not help but think how nice it would have been to fly Allegiant to St Pete's, but good thing we did not waste our Small Community Air Service Grant monies on an airline. Wonder if we are holding some of the monies after three years, if we have to give it back? Bet you the consultants can come up with a bill for the balance.

Instead of flying out of ORH, I am up at 3:00AM for a drive to Boston. I will try to post some blogs.


ThrM said...

Bill, save yourself the trouble and the parking costs--let me get you guys into Logan in style! Give me a call--you still have my number, right?

Dave from Worcester said...

Enjoy your vacation, don't worry about the blogs. Have fun in Tampa/St. Petes! :)