February 05, 2007

National Express

The way I figure it is that National Express is going to make a hell of alot of money when the sell the remaining 93 years of their original 99 year lease to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Why not call them and ask them if they want to try and do it again at ORH???

While we are at it. If the Port of New York and New Jersey is going to dish out 79$ million to buy the remaining 93 years of the lease from National Express, maybe they would want to throw a few bucks at ORH?? Airport for Sale!!! Call all the airport authorities--TF Green, Bradley and Manchester.. Lets get top dollar for ORH...

Actually I got a better idea. Lets take the money left from the Department of Transportation Small Community Air Service Grant, put together an RFP for a consultant to hold community meetings and conduct a survey to decide what we should do.

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