February 24, 2007

Airport Goals

Since 2004 when we started the home page . Our goals have been quite consistent. I have copied them below. A shuttle via Cape Air to Boston with JetBlue code sharing agreement meets the goal of a shuttle to a major hub.

Targeted Leisure Airlines

1. Allegiant Airlines: December 22, 2005 1st flight --September 3, 2006 was their last flight.
2. USA3000
3. Apple Vacations: partner of USA3000
4. Festival Airlines start-up based out of Rockford with a similar business plan as Allegiant.
5. SkyValue:
6. Skybus

Shuttles to a Major Hub

1.JetBlue to JFK on their Embraer 190
2.Colgan Air, US Air, to LaGuardia
3.Mesa Air, Delta Connection, to JFK

Very Light Jets

1.Linear Air


1.Festival Airlines
3.CQ Air


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just cannot see us shuttling vacation passengers from ORH to Logan which is our primary competitor. Maybe if they are going to catch a flight from Logan thats not available from ORH... OK, fine.

What incentive does Jet Blue have to come to ORH if we're feeeding them our passengers via Cape Air?

If Allegiant was still here would you fell the same? I know Allegiant is not here but, someday there will be similar Comm service from ORH

Bill Randell said...

If Allegiant was still here, they would be able to send people to Orlando and St Petes. There are alot of other destinations that people fly to. That is where the shuttle to Boston would kick in.

Bottom line a couple direct flights to a couple leisure destinations can work in tandem with a shuttle to a hub. In fact if JetBlue were to see alot of people take the Cape Air shuttle to Boston and then to XYZ then maybe they could actual put in a direct flight out of ORH?

Anonymous said...

Bill we got the passeners to fly to Orlando and we proved it. 80% load factor is industry average and Allegiant had at least this. If Allegiant can do , so can other similarly situated discount vacation oriented comm cariers...which begs the question you have asked of Massport before.....give us some jetblue service at ORH...at leaast from November to may ???

Bill Randell said...

Goes back to the fact we are in negotiations with MassPort right now. They are trying to lease the airport at the lowest possible price, why should they try to help us look better???

Think things will be different when MassPort has complete control under a long-term lease.