August 21, 2009

15 Flights Cancelled

Not good. Telegram story here. Not good news for ORH.


Anonymous said...

Direct Air is the problem, not Worcester. Flights have been full, take a ride up there on the days they fly out and see for yourself. Direct Air is half ass, everytime I fly out, it's on a different plane. Service was superior with Virgin running it, now its some vintage half ass charter crate of a plane thats always late.

Bill Randell said...


I agree. At first the loads were not that good. Everyone who e-mails say all the flights are full..

It does not worry me that they do not own their own planes, but I heard that they were having problems with Virgin and were losing the planes. Now they have heard..

Also been hearing that they are trying to sell the airline. Who would buy it??? The good news is that we are filling the planes, lets get some better airlines.

Like Allegiant!!


Paulie's Point of View said...

lets shoo the last of who wants to be here away..makes sense to me