August 09, 2009

Silly Bloggers

Remember that classic comment? Ask Charlie Baker how silly his Lets Take HealthCare blogwas at Harvard/Pilgrim. Now take a look at Mayoral candidate Joe O'Brien's blog , his YouTube Video:

But my favorite is Send Joe a Question


JSF said...

Nemeth wrote this a few weeks ago:

"Craving networking - and attention - is the cause of the bewildering proliferation of blogs by individuals who think they have something important to say, even if they are as dumb as a dodo. The Internet enables just about anyone to publicize just about anything without accountability, and regardless of truth or consequences."

Jahn said...

Mr Nemeth is kinda like the cops. Take away their lock on police details & they whine. I Probably should say ALLEGEDLY take way their lock on details b/c it sure aint happeening in Worc too much.

Newsprint media basically had a lock on printed ,daily, late breaking news and classified advertising for decades. Now they have to compete with internet and they cannot. So they belly ache about so called unprofessional bloggers who they clame dew knot No Howe two spell.

Just like Ma Bell owned the only means of long distance voice comminication for a century + (Wires)...then along came wireless phones and Ma Bell get beats up. Tough cookies when when an underclassman comes along & bloodies your happens.

Kinda like over on Park Ave & May st...............ooooop sorry moratorium on that topic {g}

Word verification "Unbil"...interesting

Four de record , Eye am naut Bill

Paulie's Point of View said...

for a guy who does not read the blogs he sure does write enough about em'........