August 07, 2009

Gary Rosen

Just heard the news. I was told earlier today that he may be dropping out of the Mayor race, which did not surprise me but the at large race also?

Forgetting about politics, Gary Rosen is simply a good man and I respect his decision although I personally will miss him on the council.


Jahn said...

Is Gary also a teacher in WPS's...........just a couple months ago rumor was he may run for school committee???....indecision????.........someone got to him????.........maybe a nice gob'mint job somewhere if he steps aside?

So whos left............Konnie & Katie?......who am I forgetting........there's a crowd out there that really wants Konnie out as Mayor in a big way this the 1st step by teh crew on Irving St and "Q" to unseat Konnie?

Bill Randell said...


Come on. Gary is not stepping down to get some gov't job..

Gary is a good guy and maybe he looked around and did not think it what worth the time and effort.

Can't blame him.... From the airport perspective, he was the only guy who ever asked any good questions about the airport. The guy was an island. In fact I remember him gettiong attacked for asking the City Mgr the status of the ongoing negotiations?

The guy is simply a good guy.


signman said...


you said it best... he is on an island... real good guy... did it from his heart... not for his wallet...I will ask this, the council gave raises to get more people to run it did not make a difference.. since this is the case maybe they should lower their pay?? The savings would save a few more jobs.. should I mention who takes advantage of the health insurance? Do we have those numbers?

Jahn said...

SO when he announces why he's running for mayor he tells us why he wants to be mayor and why we should vote for him................does he owe his supporters an explanation when he steps aside. I say yes.

I dont follow the guy nor am I aware of his record so i cannot speak for what he has done or not done. I think he was a small business man with an ice cream parlor & hot dog place....which business practices i would hope carried over to his role as councilor

Ther was a big Big bro-haaaah over his pending annonucent at city hall just a month or two he rides off into the sunset with no explanations? Call me suspicious...that's all

What will he tell his comb manufacturer (cancel the order?) plus if my dog was still alive who would he bark at he traverses the city in my passenger seat...........Kate or Konnie???.......LOL.....He'd probably jump out and bite Joe O'Brien b/c he didnt like McGovernites....!!!!!!!

Signman, I have asked that same question on here at least once or twice re which councilors get city health insurance. Same s/b asked of scholl committee... assuming they're eligible for it, too?

Would some councilor please stand up and ask where we stand with police dept payroll gate or Sutner should go after it in a September Sunday telegram piece. This thing is a year old and not a word is spoken and when it is spoken it will prob. be in executive session. There's payroll double dipping (illegal) and thens there's details (legalized extrotion) and Quinn.....(legalized Diploma double dipping). Not a peep out of any councilor...not even Konnie??

Unbleiveable what these cops are knocking down and keep in mind yesterdays T&G story didnt even add in detail pay and overtime. These cop jobs s/b at the top end of the pay scale no more than 50-55,000 for 40 hours.

Bill Randell said...


Sorry I think the cops do a great job, but you are right about payrollgate. What is up with that?

The Quinn bill is real a state issue and not a City of Worcester issue, until the City agrees to pay the full stipend in contract negotiations is the Commonwealth decides not to fund the Quinn bill. That is the issue.

Who the hell would agree to that? Bet you that there are not many cities or towns that agreed to that in their contract negotiations.

Think about it that is crazy!!! The only time the Commonwealth would cut funding on the Quinn billis if times were tough, which would also mean that they would be cutting local aid. Why would anyone agree to pick up the Quinn bill funding we would also most likely getting local aid cuts.

This is exactly what happened.

Jahn said...

Bill, I thought the Quinn bill was a state law that had to be voted by each municipality to adopt it...or the opposite to drop it?

I recall years ago the town of Northboro cops wanted it adopted and they got shut said no. Not sure if eventaully they got it.

Sure they may do a good job but at what price to the taxpayers? Lotsa Mall cops do good jobs as well. Some of those names listed in yesterdays T&G are mere admisrtaive desk jobs knocking down $155,000 a year. Show me a private company payroll that has as many 90 & 100 and & 100 & 120,000 wage earners both in terms of absolute number and or %'ages....for a 40 hour a week job.

Where in the world can one obtain advanced schooling and automatically get a 5 or 10 or 20% raise. 5% for a QCC degree. Surely they jest. 20% to go to Annna Maria and basically toss spitballs against the ceiling???