August 30, 2009

John Gatti Comments to Nemeth Article

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And now some brief overlooked facts being left out as the continuous one sided non objective special interest, catering to political elites, and leaving out all facts or drowning or demeaning, or dismissing the sincere who strive fairness in reporting.This so called editorial column did not fully disclose the fact that the former editorial board emeritus and editorial writer did not disclosed he has been a member of the airport authority. Is he blameless for the multi million dollar debt to city taxpayers?

The writer has not solved the problem to an out of control failure of the Worcester regional Airport.He advocates a pilot program mixture with the Secretariat of Transportation and Massport? Is this another band aid to deal with a long series of booboos to deal with continuous failed hemorrhages that does not offer a final solution the writer must take some ownership with his allies?

Giving praise of the Secretary of Transportation who will is recalled as an integral part of the 'Big Dig' culture and failure as turnpike lawyer and later private contract lawyer with expensive billing practices that have been questioned? Perhaps, this is why the writer always dismisses those who have tried to come forward to sincerely question inefficiency, waste, and mismanagement on government transportation iussues.

The writer is part of this long term problem and is not certainly a solution.The writer should fully disclose his conflicts as any respected journalist would do prior to writing a column. The Telegram should clarify and have a better policy when self interest or conflicts are apparent. I challenge the writer to review his own archive writings to leave no doubt he is not an enabler for the Massachusetts Failed transportation Policies and his enabler role in reporting or as a columnist?

-John Gatti Jr

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Anonymous said...

Sell ORH to Mohegan Sun-Palmer:

More $$$$ will be reaped. At least they can fly their high rollers in when the casino is built rather than Massport dumping cargo flights on ORH.

Harry T